Michael Jordan Inflatable Penis Girl Tells Her Story

First of all, I can only imagine what Osama bin Laden thought when he turned on the TV in his cave to watch a little golf, and saw a woman running toward Michael Jordan while waving a giant, polyurethane penis. The terrorists hate us for our inflatable plastic sex toys. Anyway, now the girl who crashed NBC’s coverage of the American Century Celebrity Championship golf tourney with a giant private body part over the weekend is telling all.

Her name is Elizabeth, and she and some friends were at Lake Tahoe for a bachelorette party. They rented a boat to check out the golf tourney, and the rest is inflatable penis history. Her story below. Key quote: “Harbor police comes up the to 5 boat barge and tells the girls that ‘they might as well have a sign that says stupid bachelorette party’ and that we are all ’stupid dumb girls’ all becuz of the inflatable penis.”

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