Michael Vick Allowed To Resume His NFL Career

T.O.’s Twitter-based lobbying must have worked, as Michael Vick has been reinstated into the NFL - if any team wants him.

Michael Vick dog

O.J. Simpson is having a swell time in prison - except that he thinks his cellmate is ready to kill him.

• While the real Canadian Open gets washed out, Canadian soldiers hold their own golf tournament in sunny Afghanistan.

Hank Aaron wants steroid “cheaters” out of the Hall of Fame, but wants Pete Rose in.

Michael Strahan’s new Fox sitcom looks terrific - terrifically bad.

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When Is A Sports Crowd of 180,000 Disappointing?

Normally, when you hear that 180,000 fans showed up for a sporting event, the sensible immediate reaction is, “Oh god, the stadium collapsed, we just had a horrific tragedy, I should call my family.” After all, the largest football stadiums hold little more than half that figure, and those are the largest field-based sports stadiums in America.

IMS stands
(Even the crickets won’t bother.)

Oh, but this is NASCAR, and six figures are de rigeur, not spectacles. More to the point, this is Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway holds up to 400,000 people; the fact that it hasn’t been attacked is the surest proof yet that America-hating terrorists either don’t exist or have been weakened into irrelevancy. So when only 180,000 people show up, we got problems.

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Indy 500 Practice Time Latest Recession Casualty

I’m neither an economist, nor a safety expert. But I can think of at least one reason why it might not be the smartest idea for Indy Racing League to deal with the recession by cutting back on practice time for the Indianapolis 500. No matter how much money it’ll save, it’s probably good that the drivers get some time getting used to driving at 225 mph before throwing 33 of them on the track at the same time.

Indy 500 Crash

Two practice days will be cut from the Indy 500 preparations, along with all the other races in the IndyCar Series, as an attempt to save money. “It’s clearly a response to the economic times we’re facing,” league spokesman John Griffin said. He did not say how much it’ll cost to settle the lawsuit from injured drivers who didn’t get enough practice time.

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