Yeah, It’s Probably Best Not To Anger This Goalie

Emily Dickson mocks your antiquated notion of 11 players per side. The 14-year-old British schoolgirl scored two goals recently in a youth league game; not impressive until you find out that she’s the goalie, and both scores were on 120-yard shots from her own penalty box. Boom goes the dynamite!

Emily Dickson

These goals didn’t bounce into unattended nets, mind you; in both cases, the opposing goalkeeper was on duty. Which begs the question: Is Emily that good, or did her goalie counterpart have some sort of full-body Tourette’s? It’s believed to be the first time that a goalkeeper has scored twice from his (or her) own penalty box in a regulation game in the history of Britain; impressive when you consider all of those Monty Python soccer sketches. Read more…