Christian School Bans Boys From Wrestling Girls

If you’re a high school wrestler, odds are good that the closest you’re getting to any contact with females is if one shows up to wrestle you, and that’s pretty unlikely. But hey, boys of Florida, you’re in luck. About 350 girls competed in the state last year, but one Christian school is ruining the fun for everyone by barring its boys from wrestling against girls, even if it costs them a shot at advancing in the district and/or regional tournament.

high school co-ed wrestling

(This is the best day of this boy’s life so far)

Calvary Christian in Clearwater has instituted a “philosophy” (it’s not a rule yet) that prohibits their boy wrestlers from competing with girls, such as the pictured Taira Salahudtin, who moved on from districts to regionals when a Calvary boy forfeited their match. So what’s Calvary’s deal?

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Erin Andrews Is Inappropriately Touched By Pearl?

Bragging rights in the Volunteer state wasn’t the only thing Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl grabbed last night:

In the video, Erin Andrews is a rather remarkable study in composure - among other things. Wonder if that caused their postgame one-on-one interview at Outback to be called off?And lest you think Brucie boy doesn’t have previous experience groping the (albeit more willing) hotties … (pics after the jump) Read more…