Frank Caliendo Does Quite A Good Charles Barkley

FRANK CALIENDO’S BARKLEY IMPRESSION GETS CHUCKLES: We earlier wrote how “Frank TV”, the show promoted non-stop during TBS’s baseball playoff coverage, would only air for four episodes.

Now it turns out they might be worth watching, after all:

(Fun starts at 1:01) 

YOU BEEN BLINDED alerts us to a clip of Frank Caliendo impersonating Charles Barkley. And it’s not just a clip from his show; Frankie had the basketballs to do it in front of Sir Charles himself.

After a minute of a “Frank TV” clip, Caliendo appears in the NBA on TNT studio with Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. And right away, Frank launches in to the impression.

Frank Caliendo impersonate Charles Barkley

TNT even went so far as to dress up Frank as Sir Charles for part of his chrome-dome entertainment.

And we have to admit, Caliendo’s send-up is pretty damn funny. What makes it more hilarious is Barkley’s reaction throughout, which was basically this:

Not many chuckles came from Chuck. Even after Frank’s first words, Charles was already showing displeasure: “Alright, that’s how bad stuff happen around here.”

The full clip lasts just over 8 minutes, and Frank throws in his usual mimicking of John Madden & George W. Bush, while adding a new funny favorite - Bill Walton.

Charles Barkley Frank Caliendo

But the Barkley impression itself makes up for all the tiresome TV spots we had to endure during the Rockies’ miracle postseason run.

Frank, we forgive you. For now.

US Soldier Imitates Will Ferrell Imitating Harry Caray During Iraq Vehicle Inspection

HOLY COW! SOLDIER DOES FERRELL DOING HARRY CARAY: When you’re stationed thousands of miles from home, fighting to keep yourself and your comrades alive, you try to find some levity to make the most of the situation.

US soldier impersonates Harry Caray

COLLEGE HUMOR offers up video of a U.S. soldier in Iraq trying to inject some humor into a routine vehicle inspection. The grunt gets some grins from his fellow troops by talking like Harry Caray. Check that - talking like Will Ferrell talking like Harry Caray.In a gravelly, exaggerated voice, the soldier asks one of the stopped men, “Do you have any weapons of mass destruction?” He follows that zinger up with, “If you had a weapon made of barbecue spare ribs, would you eat it?

All the confused Iraqi can do is smile and respond, “No understand.”

Will Ferrell Harry Caray shirtless

The GI actually does quite a good job capturing the essence of the ex-SNL’er mimicking the late Cubs caller. And for that, we salute you. Oh, and also for defending the country.But to get a better idea of the original source, we present some other Caray-esque carriers-on to evaulate. Such as:

• ’90s comedian John Caponera.
• Cubs hurler Ryan Dempster.
• And for the ultimate comparison, the Bud Man Himself.