Rob Parker Joins Marinelli In Unemployment Line

If you live outside of Michigan, you probably know DETROIT NEWS columnist Rob Parker as the idiot who asked then-Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli after a typically ugly loss if he “wishes his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator,” (Marinelli’s son-in-law was also his defensive coordinator), drawing the ire of the nation. Local fans knew this was just one in a series of self-aggrandizing, idiotic escapades showing his lack of journalistic integrity. Either way, chance are you think he’s a total sleaze.

Rob Parker's next stop

If so, then the WORLD OF ISSAC has great news for you: they’ve confirmed that Parker is no longer with the paper. The DN’s managing editor has said that Parker “resigned,” which is a nice way to say “canned” without violating any terms of a contract buy-out. And his name has been removed from the paper’s list of columnists.

Video of the infamous press conference (and the Fox NFL crew’s reaction) are after the jump:

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