Football Coach Attacks 8-Year-Old on Other Team

Ahhh. Coach-on-opposing-player violence that involves a grown man and a young child is just about as a refreshing thing as there comes in America these days. Seriously, who doesn’t love to read about some adult going bonkers on a kid during a youth sports contest? Oh, of course. Everyone.

Ferrell coach

Which makes Kyle Cantz the biggest loser in America on Monday, when the story that he chokeslammed some eight-year-old starts to make the rounds. FOX NEWS in Philly assaults the airwaves with the news, including a video interview with Isiah Johnson and his dad Jonathan, that Cantz is currently roaming the streets despite being arrested. Read more…

Stevie Y. Deals With Dirty Dad Faking Kid’s Cancer

A friendly reminder - the Patriots’ victory parade (same day as Super Tuesday) is less than a week away!

• A putrid parent faked his kid’s cancer just so they’d get a visit from Steve Yzerman.

Steve Yzerman Stanley Cup

• Disgraced TV anchor Alycia Lane may be back on the airwaves - with the WWE?

• Argue with Sonics owner Clay Bennett, and he’ll toss your butt out of the arena.

• UCLA’s Kevin doesn’t get any Love from the Oregon crowd.

Jeremy Shockey will go to Terrell Owens’ in-town Super Bowl party, but might not attend the Big Game with his Giants teammates.

• A high school wrestling coach bit off more than he can chew when he munched on one of his players.

• Japan’s postal service delivers up new stamps featuring baseball hero Dice-K.

• Remembering the time a NASCAR fan stole the pace car at the Winston 500.

H.S. Wrestling Coach Resigns After Biting Player

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports a Pennsylvania high school wrestling coach has chosen to resign, rather than face criminal charges for biting one of his players.

high school wrestling wind-up teeth

Mike Marshall of Central Cambria High reportedly bit the wrestler on the upper thigh during a practice back on January 21. Police say the chomp caused bruising but did not draw blood. The unidentified wrestler said he wouldn’t press charges if Marshall resigned from his coaching position.

Marshall is also a probation officer for the Cambria County Department of Juvenile Probation. So, maybe he was just getting carried away with McGruff’s plea to “take a bite out of crime.” Meanwhile, Marv Albert has volunteered to do play-by-play for the Pa. state wrestling finals.