Don’t Trust Your Personal Info To Troy Vincent

Identity theft: it’s one of the biggest bogeymen in 21st century America. And hey, why not? The last thing you want is your credit rating destroyed by some stranger in Detroit or some other third-world country. If you’re going to have a crappy credit rating, it had better be on your own terms, damn it.

Troy Vincent on Jeopardy
(Ooh, ooh, I know! What are “illegal data miners”?)

But it’s generally thought that the people who would stoop to identity theft are common thieves, people who have lousy credit of their own and little else to show for themselves. You know, strangers and deadbeat relatives. You certainly wouldn’t expect, say… the president of your own union.

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That’s Not Really Sidney Crosby’s MySpace, Guys

After his Penguins’ remarkable run to the Stanley Cup, life’s probably never been better for Pittsburgh’s young phenom Sidney Crosby. If only he’d move out of Mario Lemieux’s house.

Sidney Crosby
(”Back in my day, this was what we used for a Me-Space!” “God kill me now.”)

So it seemed like a stroke of genius when his “If You See Crosby”* page on MySpace announced that he was helping raise money for a park… in Minneapolis… that was burned down… by gang members. If your BS alarm is going off like crazy, good, because it means you have a pulse.

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Wisc. Woman Steals Daughter’s Identity To Cheer

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be the first person in history to hit 100 home runs with the Chicago White Sox, throw 100 touchdowns with the Chicago Bears, and average 50 points a game for the Chicago Bulls all in one season.  Oh, and I wanted to be an astronaut and cure cancer too.  As I grew up, of course, it became pretty obvious that the dream just wasn’t going to come true.

Wendy Brown 33-year-old posing as her 15-year-old daughter

It’s the same thing that the overwhelming majority of people experience in their lives as adulthood comes on and the real world crushes their hopes and dreams.  For some people, though, it’s just impossible to let go.  That’s the case for 33-year old Wisconsin woman Wendy Brown, who always wanted to be a cheerleader growing up.  Unfortunately for Wendy, it never happened, but she never gave up hope.  Which is why she stole her teenage daughter’s identity and enrolled in high school this fall.

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