Idaho Sports Bar Owner to ‘Sack Vick,’ Ban Eagles

Despite being approximately 2,000 miles from Philadelphia, an Idaho sports bar owner has decided to ban all Eagles games from his establishment while Michael Vick is a member of the team. Steve Coffman (below) is a self-professed dog lover and owner of Slates Prime Time Grill and Sports Bar in Sandpoint, Idaho … and, ahem, evidently a Steelers fan.

Steve Coffman

But Coffman says that team loyalty has nothing to do with this. He thinks it’s despicable that the Eagles have signed Vick, and hopes to begin a wave of Eagles boycotts across the nation. Meanwhile, the Vick prop bets are in! Details below. Read more…

Feet Severed in Separate Holiday Boating Incidents

For years, governmental safety-advocate types have been warning America about the dangers facing us on the 4th of July. You’ll set the house on fire with sparklers! You’ll die of alcohol poisoning! Well, OK, maybe that one’s true, but the nanny state machinery has been working for generations now to ensure that nobody has any real fun on America’s Birthday.

Old man on a boat with beer.

(Not as cool as it looks, trust us.)

But in their zealotry to protect our livers/relationships/fingers from the scourges of alcohol and fireworks, the hand-holders forgot to warn America about the real Fourth of July menace - meat-eating boat propellers lurking just below the surface of our lakes and rivers. Maritime resort states Idaho and South Dakota each suffered nasty propeller-foot interaction this holiday weekend, resulting in dinner for the vicious propellers and more work for local prosthetic foot makers.

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When Groundskeepers Go Bad: Drug Bust In Idaho

Police raided a swank golf and country club in McCall, Idaho, on Monday and seized a half-pound of cocaine, arresting the head groundskeeper and 12 other course employees. Judge Smails is going to be really pissed when he finds out.

Carl Spackler

Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez Valdez was named as the ringleader of the operation, with Valley County sheriff’s deputies finding most of the cocaine in his home, which is on the property of the swank Whitetail Golf Resort. Well, it could have been worse I suppose. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I kill all the golfers, they’ll lock me up and throw away the key.” Read more…

Female Hockey Goon Breaks Stick On Guy’s Leg

I’ve always suspected that women in Idaho were a little bitter tougher than here in La La Land, but here’s your proof: The IDAHO MOUNTAIN EXPRESS reports that a woman was arrested and charged with assault after swinging and breaking her stick across the knee of an opponent.

Marty McSorley and Donald Brashear in Idaho

Not impressed by her Marty McSorley impersonation? Let me fill you in on a few details:

The woman, identified by police as Georgia Hutchinson, is 52 and she apparently plays on a B+ Level team called The Flyers. And the player she attacked was guy. Yes, this is a coed league - a coed non-contact league - and Hutchinson decided to strike a blow for womankind, or at least for female hockey goons, by laying the lumber to some guy.

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