Knight Likes Ice Dancing More Than You’d Think

Ice dancing: combining all of the worst elements of figure skating with “Dancing with the Stars,” it’s the one event during the Winter Olympics that you pray your wife or girlfriend doesn’t make you watch. Because if you are stuck on the couch watching it, it’s the sports equivalent of going to the ballet: long, boring and completely ridiculous. The only advantage is that you at least can watch in your sweats instead of having to wear a suit and tie.

Bob Knight

Any red-blooded American man has the feel the same way, and no one is more of an “American man” than Bob Knight (just ask the Puerto Rican police). The how in the world can you explain this?: Aaccording to THE DAGGER, Knight spent the majority of his segment on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” singing the praises of Russian ice dancers. Who are you, and what have you done with our prime representative of the ugly American?

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Man Who (Allegedly) Drugged Skater Took Viagra?

A followup on a story that came out Monday afternoon about the ice dancer who was drugged at a business meeting in Orange County: Oksana “Pasha” Grishuk told her story to ICENETWORK.COM yesterday, saying she felt “paranoid” and “shocked” that the man she shared dinner with would slip a date rape drug into her drink.

Pasha Grishuk

Grishuk said that she had dinner with a 60-year-old businessman who she knew and trusted for two years. She wanted to start her own line of natural vitamin supplements, but apparently the 60-year-old man — whose name the sheriff’s department is withholding — had other ideas for the night. Read more…

Gold Medal Ice Dancer Drugged In Orange County

TMZ is the only one on this story — and now us! — but it appears that ice dancing sensation Oksana “Pasha” Grishuk was drugged at the St. Regis Resort in Orange County a couple of weeks ago.

According to the OC sheriff’s office, Grishuk ordered a glass of wine, left it for a minute, then came back and after a few sips she noticed a “half-dissolved pill at the bottom of her glass.” She then started feeling numb, and sick, and wheezy, and icky, and was rushed to the hospital. Read more…