Want To Talk With Ron Artest? Pick Up The Phone

Whether you love it or hate it, 2009 is going to go down in history as the year social media busted out into the mainstream. It’s taken everyone by storm, but for pro athletes especially it’s a way to “keep it real” with fans in real time while still keeping them at a safe distance. Shaq may have started the craze, but it’s been people like Stephon Marbury and Ron Artest that have taken social media to new extremes.

Ron Artest iPhone China

And while Starbury has used it mostly to show the world how insane he is, Artest has embraced the opportunity to show his less-punchy side to the world. Just last week he was setting the story straight regarding his role in The Brawl, but he was only getting warmed up. Not content to interact with his fans a mere 140 characters at a time, Artest spent his latest video blogs talking directly to his fans, via telephone, from China, after he Tweeted out his actual cellphone number. Your move, Shaq.

(Video and more after the jump.)

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Jefferson Jolts From Wedding, Doesn’t Tell Guests

Richard Jefferson got cold feet and decided to ditch his beautiful bride-to-be. Too bad the new Spur neglected to inform his wedding guests.

Richard Jefferson Kesha Nichols

• What’s better than $1 beers at the ballpark? How about $1 beers at the ballpark with a buxom Playboy “Hot Housewife” model?

• A British tennis coach is caught doing a little drive-by wanking near a group of 14-year-old girls.

• Nice to see Erin Andrews, Heather Graham & Kristin Cavallieri all share the same fashion sense.

• Hard to tell what looked weaker last night - President Obama’s first pitch, or the NL All-Stars’ overall play.

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NFL? On My iPhone? More Likely Than You Think

Do you love the NFL? We mean really, really love pro football, to the point where your fandom causes you to spontaneously spend hundreds of dollars on it per year - just so you can watch a lot of it on television?

NFL iPhone
(Hey cool, it’s an iPhone and the NFL and OH DAMN IT WHY WON’T HE GO AWAY)

Then, good golly, have we got good news for you! Following baseball’s lead, the NFL and DirecTV have just announced a plan to offer an iPhone application for fans to subscribe to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket service. Unlike the MLB plan, though, the NFL appears to have a giant disadvantage: it’s really not cheap.

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iPhone App Reminds Cubs Fans Their Team Sucks

For generations, the Chicago Cubs have provided the nation with baseball punchlines - think of 1908, Eamus Catuli, Lee Elia, billy goats, Harry Caray, and any number of other Cubs-related names/dates/objects that instantly convey the idea of the “lovable losers” from the North Side. Even the stadium has evolved into a tourist attraction, something to gawk at to take away from the lackluster play on the field. Every year, national and local media alike write long stories about the Cubs’ futility. It’s not something that Cubs fans can forget, even if they tried.

Cubs iPhone App

(The only way this could possibly be any more annoying is if it played Feist songs.)

But in case all the reminders across the city of Chicago and the general sports consciousness weren’t enough…yep, there’s an app for that. Amazingly, software developer Bearded Pony has just released an iPhone app that will constantly remind Cubs fans just how much their team sucks, for the low price of $0.99!

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