NCAA Sees Delaware Gambling, Raises Playoff Ban

The slapfight between the NCAA and Delaware over legalized gambling has reached a new… high? low? something? Who knows.

Wayne's World Delaware

After a judge smacked the NCAA’s lawsuit to stop Delaware from allowing sports betting down, the NCAA responded with a clear message: “We think the federal courts are wrong, we just aren’t allowed to oppose them.” So they did the next “best” thing and banned postseason play in Delaware.

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EA Told Dana White MMA “Not A Real Sport” In ‘08

As you might recall, EA Sports revealed that they’re developing an MMA game, cleverly titled “MMA.” That’s strange, because the UFC already has their own game through THQ (with their own fighters, naturally) that’s already out and selling reasonably well.

EA Sports MMA
(Are they seriously trying to brand this thing with a tramp stamp?)

Then again, it’s also strange because according to UFC’s head hypermanic gorilla in charge, Dana White, EA Sports told him just last year that his sport, well, wasn’t one. Fast forward to today, and the war is on.

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Fox News, The Lingerie Football League, And You

Look, we try to stay away from politics, but when it involves the fine and dedicated ladies of the Lingerie Football League, I cannot stay silent. Neither can Jon Stewart, who on Monday once again exhibited excellence in broadcasting with his segment on the “Fox & Friends” morning show and their special brand of hypocrisy.

Jon Stewart, Lingerie football romp

It all began — as most controversies do — with the MTV Awards on Saturday. That’s when Sacha Baron Cohen, in his Bruno persona, dropped from the rafters in a gay angel outfit. I guess that’s what it was. What is certain is that Cohen was wearing assless pants, and proceeded to land on Eminem, who, as Shaq would say, now knows how that ass tastes. This of course horrified the hosts of “Fox & Friends”, the morning show on the Fox Network with the right-wing political bent. Read more…

Pats Blast ESPN Over Erroneous Brady Coverage

ESPN was blabbering on all day yesterday about how the Patriots are bent out of shape that Tom Brady didn’t go to a team-picked doctor in Boston, but instead went to go to a physician of his own choosing out in California for his knee surgery — the knee surgery which has gone so horribly wrong that they might have to do the whole thing over again. But last night, the Pats issued a statement taking exception with ESPN’s reporting on the story.

Tom Brady's knee

It’s funny, since ESPN was so diligent about not reporting anything related to Brett Favre’s alleged calls to Matt Millen to expose the Packers’ super secret game plan against the Lions.  The press release from the Pats about the Brady situation is a passive-aggressive masterpiece.

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NFL Tells Woodson To Cool It With The Wine Talk

Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson is apparently a full-on oenophile, and started his own wine label “TwentyFour” while with the Oakland Raiders. The NFL, apparently, doesn’t want him taking too large a profile in selling the fruits of his company’s labor.

Charles Woodson wine

The DETROIT FREE PRESS covered its release and tasting at an area steakhouse, but Woodson had to leave all the talking to his cellar master last night.

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NBAers Lose “$30,000 An Hour” In Poker Games

If you’ve ever played Blackjack in Vegas, you see those guys who trip over to your table, half-drunk. They throw down one bet, for $500, $1000, sometimes more. They might win one bet, but inevitably they lose. Apparently the NBA has plenty of those types on charter flights during road trips.

Kevin Garnett playing poker

“I’ve heard guys who have lost $30,000 on an hour plane trip,” Charlotte guard Derek Anderson, the former Heat reserve, says. “It’s amazing — $30,000 in an hour.

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Implied Nudity Sometimes Cures Emotional Havoc

MAXIM has a rather revealing look at selected New England Patriots cheerleaders. There’s plenty of NSFW implied nudity in there, but don’t be surprised, NFL teams have been hawking semi-naked photos of their cheer squads for some time now.

Quinn Kingston New England Patriots Cheerleader

That link should occupy a good portion of your day. But when you’re all finished (up), considering heading over to the Philadelphia Eagles’ official website, where you can view photos of the Eagles cheerleaders learning some tricks of the trade from Chef Poon.

Chef Poon Philadelphia Eagles

Honestly, we have no idea.