Hall of Famer On N.O.: ‘Hit That Town Like Katrina’

Pro Football Weekly on TV is in its 22nd season in syndication. The Chicago-based show airs weekly throughout the NFL season and features analysis from PFW publisher/editor Hub Arkush, NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton and former Bears receiver Tom Waddle.

Dan Hampton makes Hurricane Katrina comment about New Orleans Saints

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During the show close this week, the panelists were supposed to give their prediction for the NFL’s Week 1 Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints game.

Hampton though, never got to the Saints. Read more…

RichRod: UM’s Adversity Is Like Hurricane Katrina

Rich Rodriguez gave a speech in suburban Detroit last night that included him comparing the woes of Michigan football to Hurricane Katrina:

RichRod Compares UM's troubles to Hurricane Katrina

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It’s really kind of ironic that the New Orleans Saints overcame the hurricane a few years back. And we’ve had a few hurricanes of our own. We had a big hurricane in August, and it kind of hit us like a ton of bricks. But you had 120 young men and a bunch of people on the staff that said this is not going to tear our program apart.

Rodriguez also noted that he once lived in Louisiana, which means that if he receives any subsequent criticism for such an asinine statement in the coming days, I’m sure he’ll use that as cover. Read more…

Hurricane Gustav Threatens LSU-App. St. Opener

It was three years ago to the day that Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans. The city has been rebuilding ever since (some areas faster than others), and now the specter of another storm looms on the horizon.

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav forced the New Orleans Saints to head to Indianapolis for their NFL opener a week early, and now, the LSU Tigers’ are having to adjust their schedule to avoid Gustav’s potential wrath — the start time for tomorrow’s game against Appalachian St. has been moved from late afternoon to mid-morning:

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Dad Of USC QB Sanchez Fighting San Diego Wildfires

MARK SANCHEZ’S FATHER FIGHTING SAN DIEGO WILDFIRES: Jason King of Yahoo Sports (via RUMORS AND RANTS) reports that the father of USC QB Mark Sanchez, Nick, is currently fighting the Southern California wildfires.

Mark Sanchez Firefighter Dad Nick Sanchez

Just 48 miles from the USC practice fields where Mark gets ready for Oregon this Saturday, father Nick, a captain with the Orange County Fire Authority, has been battling the arson-fueled blaze. And as of yesterday afternoon, Dad was still out on the front lines, having not been home in almost a week.You would think this would be a major distraction for Mark, as he gets set to start (yes, he probably will) his third straight game this Saturday at Autzen Stadium, but his Dad has seen more dangerous duty in the past - if you can imagine:

Excerpt: “As a member of the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, Nick floated from house to house in New Orleans looking for survivors before retreating to his “bed” each night at the SuperDome.

Nick Sanchez

Here’s a link to the story of Nick in New Orleans in the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (be sure and scroll down).More from Yahoo: “In 1995, Nick was summoned to Oklahoma City to help recover bodies from the rubble of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building after it was bombed by Timothy McVeigh.

Needless to say, the Oregon game is probably the least of Mark’s worries. And if a scintilla of his dad’s leadership and work ethic has rubbed off on Mark, the Trojans would be foolish to go back to John David Booty.