Shawn Kemp Will Not Be Overpopulating Europe

Hurricane Ike caused a lot of damage when it struck on the Gulf coast, costing many people their homes, and for some, even their livelihoods. Still, I don’t think any of us knew the real extent of the damage done by Hurricane Ike until right now.

Former NBA star and three-time Father of the Year Shawn Kemp had recently made plans to return to basketball, and signed a one-year contract with Montegranaro Premiata, a team in Italy. Kemp had been practicing with the team for nine days, and had played in three preseason games before heading back to the States to check on his home in Houston. Now, after seeing the damage, there’s just no way Shawn can return to Italy to play this season.

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Bud Selig, Astros Need To Stop Making Excuses

I was watching Glengarry Glen Ross the other night, and it finally clicked who Bud Selig reminds me of: Dave Moss, the sad sack salesman played by Ed Harris. Nothing is ever his fault, and the only thing keeping him from being a success are other people and the fates conspiring against him.

Brandon Backe Astros Bud Selig

Take the whole mess involving MLB moving a critical series between the Astros and the Cubs to Milwaukee following Hurricane Ike. The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that on the same day that MLB announced a $500,000 donation to Hurricane Ike relief funds, they also took out a full-page ad in the paper to respond to criticism by Houston fans over moving the game so close to Chicago.

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Blog-O-Rama: Arroyo Has Baseball On His Mind

• POPO IN MY CRIB can see that despite suffering through another rotten Reds season, Bronson Arroyo still has baseball on his mind.

Bronson Arroyo Reds baseball on mind

Mark Cuban tried to explain Josh Howard’s Star-Spangled Slam over on his blog, but the Mavs owner didn’t realize what a firestorm he unleashed.

• Stephanie Stradley of AOL FANHOUSE wonders if the Texans can do for Hurricane Ike victims what the Saints did for Katrina victims.

• UNI WATCH looks back on the career of sports illustrator Lon Keller, the guy who created the Yankees’ famous hat logo.

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Astros’ Ike-Inspired Shirts Show Sourness @ Selig

Right before Hurricane Ike hit the Texas shore last weekend, MLB played it safe and temporarily canceled the Astros-Cubs series scheduled for Minute Maid Park. But with so many playoff scenarios hinged on the Houston-Chicago matchup, it was decided that at least two of the games would be played in Milwaukee. Of course, nothing much happened - just Carlos Zambrano hurling a no-hitter, Ted Lilly also coming close, and the Cubbies crawling ever so closer to the NL Central crown.

Brandon Backe Astros Bud Selig

Well, the Astros weren’t pleased to play a “home” series 1200 miles away from home - and 90 miles away from Chicago. Although 23,000 fans showed up for the impromptu Sunday showdown, about 22,999 of them were pulling for the Cubs.

So on Thursday, the ‘Stros wore their feelings on their sleeves - and front & back, as they sported special shirts taking a shot at Bud Selig.

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Big Z Shows No Mercy, No-Hits Ike-Weary Astros

Milwaukee’s Miller Park saw its first no-hitter on Sunday night — and the Brewers were in Philadelphia. Proving once again that Hurricane Ike was some sort of sign from God for the Cubs and Astros, Carlos Zambrano threw the first Cubs no-no in 36 years in front of more than 23,000 screaming Cub fans (and four guys rooting for the Astros) at Houston’s “home game.”

Carlos Zambrano

It was a cruel twist of fate for the surging ‘Stros, who arrived by plane just hours before the first pitch after spending the past two days dealing with chaos in their hometown. Meanwhile, the Cubs hopped a bus for a 90-minute ride up the expressway.  It was almost the perfect conditions for a no-hitter — if Zambrano hadn’t just spent nearly two weeks recovering from a sore rotator cuff.

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Hurricane Ike Kills MNF Ravens-Texans Game

Hurricane Ike has claimed another victim: the sanity of fantasy football managers everywhere. According to various reports, the Monday night fútbol americano tilt between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans is going to get postponed.

Woman looking at Hurricane Ike

(”Sure, this Hurricane’s about to devour me, but do I still start Willis McGahee?”)

ESPN is reporting that Hurricane Ike tore “chunks off the stadium’s retractable roof and the damage can’t be fixed in time to host the game.” Leaving the obvious question aside for a moment - how did a Ravens-Texans game get a prime time scheduling in the first place? - the most important aspect of this tragedy that we must consider right now is what this will mean for your fantasy team.

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Hurricane Ike Is Apparently A Really Big Cubs Fan

It’s starting to look like even God wants the Chicago Cubs to win the NL Central this year, as Hurricane Ike has forced the postponement of at least the first two games of a three game set between the Cubs and Astros in Houston. The Cubs have struggled as of late and could use the days to regroup, while the Astros have been blazing hot and are losing momentum. With Ike’s damage still being sorted out, contingency plans are being made to get the games in.

Hurrican Ike is a Cubs fan

One plan has the Astros, who have won 14 out of 15 and are just three games out of the wild card lead, giving up the home games and having the series played at the “neutral” site of Milwaukee’s Miller Park. Unsurprisingly, the Astros aren’t really having any of that.

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