Bondarenko: Slinky, Blond, Beautiful Tennis Hottie

CELEBRIDIOT has a pic from tennis player Alona Bondarenko’s new ad campaign for K-Swiss:

Alona Bondarenko Photos Posted

Like you, we’ve never heard of her, and we wonder why K-Swiss would sign her to an endorsement deal. Makes almost as much sense as paying Anna Kournikova hundreds of thousands of dollars to endorse anything now. She, by the way, was K-Swiss’ last corporate spokesmodel.

Anna Kournikova

It is interesting to note the similar looks of Kournikova and Bondarenko. The latter we’re guessing came a lot cheaper. It also gives us a good idea of who may be behind these ad campaigns. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: ESPN’s Top Pick of the Weekend

TV TAN LINE via DEADSPIN learns that ESPN knows how to pick a winner:

Texas A&M Alamo Bowl nose pick

SPORTS MEDIA WATCH discovers that simulcasting Saturday’s Pats game on CBS & NBC was a win-win-win situation.

Jim Carty of the ANN ARBOR NEWS weighs in on how Michigan is shaping up for the Capital One Bowl.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE just reads the articles, as Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner is pulling for his Illini in the Rose Bowl:

Illinois Playboy heads

MONEY PLAYERS notices their wallet feels a little lighter, as they list their biggest sports losers of 2007.

100% INJURY RATE double-dribbles word from Patrick Ewing that the Knicks’ problem may be that they’re too talented.