Stacked NFL Fan Unfortunately Sacked By Giants

The is a HUGE day for Sondra Fortunato. The NEW YORK POST today has the latest *news* on the monster-boobed New York Giants fan and consummate attention whore. Fortunato, who is no doubt beloved by drunk, desperately horny Giants fans for her lowcut tops and enthusiasm for Big Blue, was hustled out of her seat by stadium security during the team’s home game against the Eagles last week.

Sondra Fortunato Monster Boobed Giants fan

Stadium officials claimed the reason they ejected her from her seat was the signs she brought to the game, but Fortunato said the real reason was her manner of breast dress:

“They said, ‘Can’t you come to the stadium dressed like a regular person?’ ” she said. “They said there were a lot of kids there.”

She was advised to wear a sweater to games.

“I guess some ladies got jealous and complained,” groused Sondra, who lives in Toms River, NJ.

Rough treatment for such a devoted fan, wouldn’t you say? Especially considering that ABC saw fit to include her in a Monday Night Football promo.

Sondra Fortunato Monster Boobed Giants fan

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While Fortunato claims to be upset about her temporary ejection yesterday, thanks to the accompanying media coverage, safe to say this might the greatest day of her life. At least since she was named Miss Portable Ignition or Miss Tuscan Milk back in the ’70s.

Sondra Fortunato Monster Boobed Giants fan

So we’re all aware that Fortunato has some serious miles on her chassis, but what did she look like during her prime? Picture after the jump. Read more…