Top HS Football Recruit Needs Stylist, Bail Money

Chris Parr is one of the leading high school running back prospects in the class of 2010, with schools like Alabama (among others) looking at him. In his first two seasons at La Vega High in Waco, TX, he rushed for 1,762 yards and 18 TDs as a back-up, and this year as a starter, his team are the favorites to take the Class 3A state title. Well, you might want to cancel the ticker tape parade through downtown Waco: Parr was arrested on Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly pulling a gun on another teen and stealing his hat and shoes.

Chris Parr

Normally, I would never, ever condone robbing someone at gunpoint. However, in this case I would be willing to make an exception due to extenuating circumstances: There’s no way that Parr could possibly go outside with that kind of a bad hair day. Although I would say that his hair compares quite favorably to Nick Nolte or Glen Campbell, so he has that going for him.

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