North Lawndale Has More Problems Than Uniforms

North Lawndale College Prep has been through a lot this season. First off, the school is pretty rough - I think the Blues Brothers went there - and after player Jermaine Winfield was shot in a post-game altercation earlier this season, the Chicago Public League banned visiting fans from attending games. And their run at the state Class 3A championships fell apart when they lost by one point in the semifinals after going down 1-0 before tip-off when they were penalized for having “illegal uniforms.”

North Lawndale basketball player

But before you feel too much pity for them, keep in mind this little nugget from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE: One of the school’s teachers reported to administrators that a star player on the team had cheated on a make-up exam. His reward? Being told to stay away from the state playoff game for his own safety, while the player accused of cheating got to play anyway.

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