Blog-O-Licious: Housing Crisis Hits Ballers, Too

Some links from all around as I sweat out the California heat wave without A/C:

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK divulges that Adam “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones is defaulting on the mortgage on his Tennessee home.

Pacman Jones' home

(This bedroom is part of the home that could be yours if you show up at the courtroom auction.)

• Mr. Jones is not alone on the real estate issues front, as THE BIG LEAD writes on the California real-estate company that’s on the down and out after getting investments from jocks like Matt Light, Roy Halladay, and Vladimir Guerrero.

• The IRISH BAND OF BROTHERS discovers Notre Dame is having some issues finding an alum willing to take on its vacant athletic director position. (Duties include keeping Charlie Weis’ chocolate fountain flowing at all times.)

• Gotta love Redskins TE Chris Cooley – via his COOLEY ZONE blog, he lets us in on his upcoming Eastern Motors ad, and is even looking for nicknames to use in the ad, too.

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UK Soccer Goalie Aghast With Ghosts In His Home

THE SUN sends along spirited news that a soccer goalie for Arsenal believes his house is haunted.

Manuel Almunia ghost

Manuel Almunia claims he’s heard chains rattling and stereos turning on by themselves in the middle of the night at his Abbots Langley home. And his wife has even supposedly seen the ghost of a monk: Read more…

Latest: Shaquille Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

The EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE updates the latest on Shaq’s saunter to the Suns. O’Neal is expected to arrive in Phoenix early Wednesday morning by way of his private jet, and will head straight to his physical.

Shaq China

If Shaq Diesel’s tune-up goes as planned, Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks are off to South Beach to join the Heat.

Even if the deal goes through, O’Neal might not hit the court right away, as he’s been out the past six games with injuries. But as the Tribune points out, “he might have missed the games more out of a lack of interest than any truly debilitating problems.”

When your team’s 9-37 & you’re going through a costly divorce, it’s hard to pay much attention. But if the Big Aristotle is really relocating to the Valley of the Sun, he might want to step up efforts to sell his Star Island abode - no thanks to A-Rod.

Chris Berman Like You Always Wanted To See Him

We close out the first month of 2008 with two great gifts from Bristol, CT:

• The greatest Chris Berman video you’ll ever see:

Chris Berman explodes on-set at ESPN

• And if the vision of a sweat-stained Boomer ruins your day, pick yourself back up by scanning over this new shot of sideline siren Erin Andrews:

Erin Andrews incredible ass

• The study also serves as a Spearmint Rhino: Super Bowl house rentals now come with a stripper option.

Bill Walker must be relieved that K-State finally beat Kansas at home.

Florida Marlins cheerleader tryouts - need we say more?

Florida Marlins Mermaids cheerleaders

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Strippers Offered With Super Bowl House Rental

The SPRINGFIELD (MA) REPUBLICAN comes across an unusual deal from an Arizona house renter for Super Bowl weekend.

House Strippers

The Craigslist ad - written IN ALL CAPS - offers a 3-bedroom home for rent from Friday through Monday, with all meals and transportation to the Big Game provided. If that’s not tempting enough, how about they throw in a couple of strippers?

As taken verbatim from the ad:


The renter emphasizes the point that he & his wife “really need the money“, and they would “bend over backwards” to ensure a pleasant stay - adding, “Our friends might be willing too (sic) do the same.”

All for only $1,000 a day. Does Jeremy Shockey know about this?

NY Apartment Costas NBC Sportscaster $11-Large

The NEW YORK POST’s Page Six reports today that Bob Costas dropped $11M for an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York.

Bob Costas

The 3,500- square-foot spread is a “three-bedroom, 31/2-bath unit on the eighth floor is a short stroll and a long drop from the couple’s 61st-floor digs at Time Warner Center. Other notable buyers at Costas’ new address include Denzel Washington, Sting, retired Citigroup honcho Sandy Weill and NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon.

We suppose that makes all those lonely nights in Nagano worth it.

Kevin Johnson Called Slumlord By Sactowners

SLUMLORD” KJ HAS LONG WAY TO GO TO CATCH DONALD T.: Concerned Sacramento citizen and activist Robin Ware this week to local TV station KTXL on former NBA player Kevin Johnson: “He’s a slumlord.

Kevin Johnson

KTXL reports Johnson owns “dozens” of properties in the Oak Park district of the city, but they “sit vacant or are in disrepair“.

Now a group of residents is protesting Johnson’s lack of action. More from Ms. Ware: “He’s let a lot of his properties go down the tubes and because of that, a lot of people are suffering and in pain, and he has to realize that.

Contractor Jeff Guillot, who works with Johnson’s development company, said his goal for the Oak Park residences was “Tightening up the buildings, just nailing the boards back on the siding, that kind of thing.

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

Now that’s what we call development! To be fair, Kevin Johnson is just getting started in the real estate business, and he’s got a long way to go to catch up to everyone’s favorite slumlord-turned-NBA-owner Donald Sterling (who we want to personally thank for the rent-control crack houses on L.A.’s Westside).

Matt Leinart Enjoying Quality Time With Kid From Ex-Girfriend

LEINART FOLLOWING BRADY’S FOOTSTEPS IN CHILD CARE: Jut like fellow NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Matt Leinart enjoys spending time with his ex-girlfriend’s kid:

Matt Leinart Brynn Cameron

KABC-TV in L.A. follows up on the former USC Heisman winner visiting with son, Cole. The youngster was the result of liaisons between Leinart and current USC basketball player Brynn Cameron during his days on campus.Leinart laments being away from his offspring, telling the cameras, “I wish I could be there every day helping, but for my job, my career, it’s just tough. I don’t think I could do what she’s doing and do such a great job at it.”

Brynn Cameron Cole Leinart Kid

With the Cardinals QB coughing up $15,000 a month in child support payments, Matt’s just making sure his money is well spent.He has to be more fiscally cautious nowadays, since selling his Arizona home to Amare Stoudamire at a $500,000 loss.

A-Rod Cancels Purchase of Shaquille O’Neal House

A-ROD IXNAYS SHAQ HOUSE PURCHASE; WIFE TO REMAIN?: It seems A-Rod likes to flip-flop.

First, the former Yankees infielder is looking to stay in the Bronx, after all. And now he’s changing his mind about buying Shaq’s house:

Shaq A-Rod

The MIAMI HERALD reports that A-Rod has called off his purchase of O’Neal’s $32 million mansion. The reason given was that his wife Cynthia is pregnant, and they want to remain near her parents in Coconut Grove.A real estate spokesperson said that Shaquille is “not upset at all” about the broken brokered deal - maybe because the Miami Heat star hasn’t been spending much time at his Star Island home.

Shaq Shaunie O'Neal

The attorney for soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie says that Shaq has “moved out to a location not presently known to the wife, yet he comes and goes.”Marsha Elser has also filed a motion asking that Shaunie be allowed to stay in the home, or be provided “appropriate substitute housing.”

She’s currently sharing the Star Island space with “their four children, her son from a prior relationship, Shaunie’s mom, a nanny, plus a chef, two housekeepers and a house manager who come in daily.”

No wonder Shaq moved out.

Shaquille O’Neal Sells His Miami Watefront Mansion to A-Rod

SHAQ SELLING MIAMI MANSION TO UNEMPLOYED A-ROD: Shaq has finally sold his house, apparently to A-Rod:

Shaq A-Rod

The DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW reports the Heat center finally found a buyer for his Biscayne Bay mansion. O’Neal had set the original asking price at $35 million, but it looks like he’s settling for $27 million instead.And sources say the ex-Yankee 3rd baseman is the one who snatched up the property. Rodriguez reportedly has been looking for an abode bigger than his current Coral Gables home.

Shaquille O'Neal bed

O’Neal bought the waterfront estate for $18.8 million in 2004. He actually tried to unload the place in 2005, but found success similar to his free throw percentage.As the house deal gets finalized, can we now start the ARod-to-Marlins rumors?