As Yanks Falter, Stadium Asks To Die With Dignity

For the first time since the strike-shortened 1994 season, Yankee Stadium won’t see October baseball (although the Yanks are still mathematically alive for a wild-card tie). And since there won’t be any playoff games, we might as well just tear the whole place down and start over.

Yankee Stadium

The Orioles did their job of laying down and letting the Yankees win the final game at the 85-year-old ballpark. I mean, they gave up a home run to Jose Molina for crap’s sake. Mariano Rivera got the final out for a non-save (the Yanks won by four), and Joe Girardi curiously removed Derek Jeter from the game with two outs in the ninth (are they imploding Jeter too?). And then afterward, “New York, New York” blared from the speakers…like four times in a row. Yup, just your average Yankee game.

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Scalpers Making a Killing For Final Yankees Games

With the Yankees about as likely to make the playoffs as I am to have a night alone with Alexis Bledel - has their playoff odds at 0.9%, so there’s technically still a chance - there’s not going to be a drama-filled Joe Buck-announced closing to Yankees Stadium before the team packs up and moves across the street. In fact, unless the Yankees pull off a miracle, there are only 9 games left in the House That Ruth Built.

Scalper needs tickets

And since scalpers, the soulless incarnation of our purely capitalist society, are not ones to miss an opportunity, you know tickets are going to be pricey. But who would have thought that tickets are actually going for “100 times their face value!”

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