Mike Vick’s Hard-Knock House Arrest Holiday BBQ

It’s no secret that last week Michael Vick was released from prison to home confinement; it seems like every major media outlet in the country rolled the completely boring footage of Vick’s entourage rolling up to his Virginia manse. With nowhere to go, you might think the nation’s most famous construction worker would have a rough time around the house with nothing to do for the next few months.

Michael Vick Memorial Day BBQ

Think that no more, friends. While the world’s pre-eminent authority on everything, WIKIPEDIA, describes house arrest as a “punitive measure” meant to be an alternative to prison time, it’s hard to see what exactly is punitive about this lakeside Memorial Day BBQ held at Vick’s house in Virginia. TMZ somehow had an operative on the scene who got photo proof of Vick’s oh-so-rough life under arrest.

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Michael Vick To Be Released Into House Arrest

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has always been a Christ-like figure. First he came to Atlanta and helped lead a moribund football franchise to relevance and even the playoffs. Then, when he was about to reach the pinnacle of his powers in Atlanta, he was brought down by those who feared his growing influence and sent to jail for two years on dog-fighting charges. Now, much like Christ while he was still in his mother’s womb waiting to be released, there’s no room at the inn for Michael Vick.

Michael Vick dog

Vick was to be released into a halfway house originally, but there aren’t any beds available to Michael at the moment, and those air mattresses are really expensive. So instead he’s going to be released into house arrest.

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Mike Vick May Be Out Of Jail As Soon As January

When Mike Vick was sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison back in August of 2007, I thought the punishment was a little ridiculous. While I don’t condone dog-fighting in anyway, two years in prison for killing dogs seemed a bit extreme. After all, there are far worse crimes being committed daily and some people don’t serve that much time for killing other people, let alone dogs.

So far Mike has served 15 of those 23 months, and if he’s lucky, he may only end up in prison for another month or so. Mike was facing another charge of promoting dogfighting back in Virginia to which he plead guilty this morning in exchange for probation and an extended sentence. Though the real reason Vick pled guilty to the Virginia charges was so he can be eligible to move into a halfway house in January.

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