When Your League Folds, Just Go on a Rampage

I bet you thought when it came to Vikings and illegal activity, Minnesota and its sex cruise would stand alone. You thought wrong. Members of the Jamestown (NY) Vikings, a Mid-Atlantic Hockey League team, went on a rampage after finding out the league was going belly-up.


After the league announced the season was canceled, some Vikings decided their next course of action shouldn’t be looking over the job ads, but to cause “at least $25,000″ worth of damage to the historic Vikings Lodge. I’m not sure if the building’s name is coincidence or if the players were looking for an ironic target for their rage. Read more…

Sharapova’s Soap Certain To Be Highest Seller

A Singapore hotel that will be hosting Maria Sharapova plans to clean up after the tennis star by selling off her bedsheets:

Maria Sharapova smile

UPI reports that the Fullerton Hotel will be offering up items used by Sharapova during her one-night stay - including bed linens, pillow cases, towels, and even a swimsuit. Sadly, the hotel room’s toilet seat will *not* be on the auction block.

Sharapova will be in Singapore for a December 30 exhibition match against fellow Russian Ana Chakvetadze, who could use some new bedding after recently being robbed.

Organizers say money from Maria’s used merchandise will go to charity. However, they didn’t reveal if any of the items would be washed beforehand.

Sharapova guys pulling

So, you perverted purchasers better act fast!

Flying Tomato Olympic Snowboarder Sets Off Fire Extinguisher

FLYING TOMATO’S COLORADO RESORT FUN EXTINGUISHED: The cops were able to ketchup with the Flying Tomato and charge him with setting off a fire extinguisher:

Shaun White Flying Tomato Snowboarder

KMGH-TV in Denver shoots news from the halfpipe that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White - nicknamed “The Flying Tomato” for his long red hair - was cited for pulling the foamy prank in the Colorado resort town of Breckenridge.Police say a security camera at the Beaver Run Resort caught someone setting off an extinguisher in the game room. A witness said they saw “a white male with long red hair pulling the pin from the fire extinguisher“.

The camera also caught the same fellow “holding a pool cue and ‘playfully’ chasing a young woman around video game machines.”

Shaun White Pamela Anderson

Shaun’s clothes apparently matched those in the video, and his shoes had the same marks as the footprints left in the sprayed-out powder.White was charged with second-degree criminal tampering and ordered to appear in court on March 10.

Bogus, dude.

Ole Miss Football Players On Probation For Stealing Hotel Pillows

OLE MISS SWIPES SUPER 8 STUFF & MOTEL 6 MERCHANDISE: Better be careful when Ole Miss comes town. While the Rebels won’t likely steal a win, they will steal your pillows:

Ole Miss Pillow

The JACKSON CLARION-LEDGER checks out news that 20 members of the Mississippi football team have been put on probation for stealing pillows and radios from team hotels.No wonder Ole Miss has been playing so soft all year. The Rebels’ down season will finally be put to rest on Friday, when they get smothered by Mississippi State.

AD Pete Boone said that since the items were paid back for by the players, there wouldn’t be NCAA violations. And the accused appear to be OK to play against the Bulldogs.

But this latest round-up means that at least 25% of the Rebel program has gotten into some sort of legal trouble this season.

Ed Orgeron Memphis gate Graceland

When first hired, head coach Ed Orgeron declared he would put a fence around Memphis. Now the staff might want to put a fence around the practice field, just to keep their kids out of trouble - or have them get used to prison.

Guy Lafleur Helps Son Score With 16 Year Old While Out On Bail

LAFLEUR HELPS SON SCORE WITH 16YO WHILE OUT ON BAIL While Andy Reid gets roasted for the behavior of his two felonious sons, hockey legend Guy Lafleur is getting similar (and justifiable) treatment north of the border.

Guy Lafleur

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Lafleur’s “23-year-old son faces more than 20 criminal charges, including sexually assaulting a minor, armed assault, uttering threats, and forcible confinement between 2004 and 2007.

Lafleur recently petitioned the court to allow his son, who has been living at halfway houses, to live with him full-time until the trial is over (it doesn’t start until May!). But his request was denied because the local authorities found out Lafleur was allowing his 23-year-old son to hook up with a 16-year-old in motel rooms whenever a visit by the court was allowed. Lafleur “has since admitted that he drove his son to hotels to spend the night with his girlfriend.”

As a noted purveyor of disco and one of Canada’s leading experts on Erectile Dysfunction, is it any wonder that his happened?