Hot HS Trainer Accused Of Sex With Teen Athlete

If my school’s athletic trainer would have looked like Hope Jacoby, who worked at Tustin High in Orange County, CA, I probably would have been injured more often. Especially if her - ahem - massage techniques were the same as hers allegedly were. THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that Jacoby is due in court today on charges that she had a sexual relationship with a Tustin High athlete for more than a year.

Hope Jacoby mug shot

This probably explains the sudden rise in groin pulls among the Tillers (and yes, a Tiller is someone who does plowing - make your own joke about it). Because - and this is a rarity in these sort of cases - Jacoby is smoking hot. She still has her MySpace page up, including a page full of photos with her in flirty poses (including some with guys who look suspiciously teen aged). More photos of Jacoby are after the jump:

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