Week In Review: Angels’ Adenhart Dies In Crash

• A very tough week for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in a hit & run car accident caused by a drunk driver, just days after a fan dies from a post-game fight in an Angel Stadium stairwell.

Nick Adenhart Brian Powers

(Left - Nick Adenhart; Right - Fight victim Brian Powers)

Cheryl Miller wasn’t pleased that Scot Pollard was late for their NBA TV show, and she wasn’t afraid to use the airtime to air her grievances.

• ESPN reporter Shelley Smith takes a misstep at a Detroit bar during the Final Four.

• Fans fighting while their team’s championship banner is being raised, and booing while World Series rings are given out? Must be Philadelphia.

• A former Gonzaga women’s basketball star-turned-high school softball coach gets zagged for having sex with one of her 16-year-old players.

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Kidd’s Girlfriend Puts On Body Paint For Playboy

Does the name Hope Dworaczyk ring a bell? (Or give you a headache from trying to spell or pronounce her last name?) She’s the aspiring model Jason Kidd turned to after his nasty divorce from wife Joumana. But after supposedly knocking her up, Jason gave up Hope and started messing around with Danish model May Anderson - until Kidd heard she was lounging around with Lindsay Lohan.

Hope Dworaczyk Playboy

Now Jason is apparently back with Ms. Dworaczyk. And by looking at her latest spread in Playboy, I would never want to give up Hope again, either. She’s featured in this month’s issue decked out in a skimpy Mavericks-eque outfit. How skimpy is it? There’s no clothing at all - just body paint.

More photos brushed up after the jump.

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Devin Harris’ New (Nude) GF Looks Like A Keeper

Devin Harris and Jason Kidd will never be able to do anything without being compared to the other. That’s on the court, as well as off it. Remember when Kidd traded in killjoy ex-wife Joumana Kidd for bikini model Hope Dworaczyk? Harris has one-upped him, dating a girl who would be overdressed in a bikini.

Meghan Allen

The Nets PG’s arm candy is reality star, bartender and Playboy Cyber Playmate Meghan Allen. If you want to know what type of girl we’re dealing with, she’s the type who got 34C implants because “I wanted my clothing to fit better.” Let’s see how that clothing fits, or looks on the floor, after the jump.

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Jason Kidd Is Tired Of May Anderson’s Partying

While Jason Kidd’s marriage to Joumana Kidd looked to be a perfect union on the surface, as time passed we found out that aside from producing peanut-headed children, Joumana also had an affinity for beating Jason up. After a much publicized divorce, Kidd decided it was time to move on and find a woman who wouldn’t bully him around. So after knocking up Hope Dworaczyk, Jason thought he’d found that woman in Danish model May Anderson (who only attacks flight attendants) and for the past few months they’ve been an item.

May Anderson dumped by Jason Kidd

Well, while Jason’s been in Beijing playing with The Redeem Team, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping a watchful eye on his girl from half a world away. Jason has been reading the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX, and apparently he doesn’t like what he’s been reading. That’s why he’s dropping Anderson like a bad habit.

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Jason Kidd Involved In At Least One Good Trade

Her apparent lack of complete psychosis notwithstanding, it seems Jason Kidd has done better this time around in choosing his latest baby mama.

Hope Dworaczyk Jason Kidd

ON 205TH has compiled a noteworthy gallery of the assorted demonstrable hotness displayed by Hope Dworaczyk, the woman Kidd landed with after having shook ex-wife Joumana Kidd, at least for now.

And now without further ado, here’s a small sampling of Hope’s hotness:

Hope Dworaczyk

Hope Dworaczyk