Fridge Gets Repairs; Griffey HR Grabber Homeless

One by one, the SbB Girls are slowly taking over the media landscape.

William “Refrigerator” Perry had to be brought in for maintenance.

William Refrigerator Perry

• See what happens when you bite & punch kids just to grab a Ken Griffey Jr. home run ball? You wind up on the streets.

Michael Irvin’s house is a very, very, very fine house.

Geddy Lee Rushes to Kansas City to give some special autographed gifts to the Negro Leagues Museum.

• One EliteXC fighter wasn’t so impressed with Kimbo Slice’s primetime debut.

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Hooters Gals Unwanted in Belmont Winners Circle

Just because their corporate logo is on Belmont’s biggest star, that doesn’t mean the Hooters Girls will be welcome in the winner’s circle.

SbB Hooters Girls Hillary Vanessa Misty Kim

Not in these clothes, anyway.

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS gallops along word that the tight tank tops & short orange shorts fashioned by the restaurant’s waitresses would not be considered “proper attire” for Belmont Park. The reaction comes from Hooters’ earlier claim that the Girls will be there in full uniform ready to celebrate if Big Brown clinches the Triple Crown.

But the buxom babes aren’t banned outright - they just need to change their clothes. [And we’ll be happy to assist ;)] Read more…

SbB Recipe For A Delightfully Romantic Valentines

Since the last 24 hours in Vegas Playboy Club has had us a little distracted, we’re behind on our Valentine’s Day gifts. Thank goodness Apryl at PEOPLE JAM is here to help us out with last-second, sports-themed suggestions for the big day! She has five stone-cold, lead-pipe locks to make today a poignant, romantic one for your partner.

Merlin Olsen

Our favorite: “For the collector: For example, I went on Ebay and got an avid Los Angeles Rams fan a Merlin Olsen trading card. Get a piece of their favorite team’s history. Be creative!

Ourselves, we had to pass on that one, since last year we gave our significant other a signed Ray Malavasi martini glass. But with all you L.A. NFL fans alive and well (sorry, Georgia), we wanted to help make your V-Day Ram-tastic!

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