Texas Woman Beats Disabled Kid For Soccer Ball

Americans might not all be fans of the game of soccer, but there’s no denying the sheer breathtaking violence and passion of the sport’s more extreme fans. Soccer hooliganism is something we’ve (thankfully) never really duplicated here in the States. Sure, a college town couch might go up in flames from time to time or a bar argument between opposing fans might come to blows, but by and large American fans keep sports in perspective.

Soccer Hooligans

However, one brave/stupid woman is aiming to change all that by bringing a little hooliganism to the heart of God-fearing, football-loving Texas. Her first mission? Punching a wheelchair-bound child in the head over a stray soccer ball. Mission accomplished.

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English Soccer Fan Shot For Singing in Kyrgyzstan

With the NBA Finals kicking off and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals continuing this evening, let’s take a minute and revisit some basic tenets of sportsmanship. Team and city rivalries can get pretty heated from time to time, and the last thing we want to have happen is for, say, a Penguins fan to get stabbed in the eye with an octopus or a Lakers fan to be smothered by… oh, I don’t know, Mickey Mouse or something else near and dear to the fine folks of Central Florida.


 (Pictured: Kazakh National Soccer Team)

While no one’s saying you actually have to be FRIENDS with the fans of your team’s hated rivals, a little decorum isn’t too much to ask, now is it? After all, this is America, not Kyrgyzstan (Gesundheit), where sports rivalries don’t just end up in heated words…they’ll get you shot. Yep, we’ve got another entry in the crazy soccer fan logbook!

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