New AC Milan Motto: ‘Wait For Me In The Big Bed’

It’s official: European sports owners have a lot more fun than their counterparts in the U.S. Of course this is Silvo Berlusconi, who is also the Italian Prime Minister, and by all accounts has more fun than just about anyone. Berlusconi also owns seven-time UEFA Champions League soccer power AC Milan, and to put that in perspective for Americans, pretend that Jerry Jones is also just been elected President. Yikes (shivers).

Lucia Rossini, Barbara Monteecle

But unlike Nancy Pelosi or even John Ensign, Mr. Berlusconi is currently being accused of fielding a team of a different nature in his Roman mansion — that of a bevy of high-paid ladies of the evening. An Italian newspaper is reporting that prosecutors are preparing to question 30 young women who have been allegedly procured as prostitutes for parties at Berlusconi’s home. Read more…

Egypt Denies Hooker Shenanigans, Blames Media

Hey, just so you know, according to the Egyptian soccer team there are roving bands of prostitutes robbing hotels in Johannesburg, South Africa. They enter the premises through the air ducts, dressed like prostitute Ninjas, and then rob the rooms, slipping out secretly on the bottoms of room service carts. The police are baffled! But they are definitely not being invited there by the players. Nope.

After a report surfaced in a South African tabloid that Egyptian players celebrated their 1-0 win over Italy by inviting hookers to their hotel rooms, Egypt subsequently lost to the U.S., 3-0, and then came back to their hotel to find most of their stuff gone. This of course did not go over well at home, where hookers, booze and especially losing at sports tend to be frowned upon. Who do you guys think you are, A-Rod? Read more…