Kids’ All-Star Quest Powered By Pirates Ancestors

The Little League World Series is coming up pretty soon, that time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of Williamsport, Pa. Billy Funkhouser and Brenden Barrows (center and right, below) are no different — they’re teammates on the Hillsborough (Calif.) 11-12 year-old All-Stars, and had been co-MVPs of their league during the regular season. But they had more in common than they knew.

Gordon Barrows, Billy Funkhouser, Brenden Barrows

While researching an old baseball last month that Funkhouser’s dad had in his collection, the boys discovered that they each had rather famous ancestors who were also teammates — on the 1909 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Sam Leever, a star pitcher on that Pittsburgh team who won nearly 200 games in his big league career, is Brenden’s great-great uncle. And Fred Clarke, the Pirates’ player-manager that season and a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, is Billy’s great-great grandfather. Read more…

Blog Jam: Cuban’s Got The Skillz To Pay The Billz

  • Mark Cuban has reportedly bid $1.3 billion for the pleasure of calling the urinal troughs of Wrigley Field his own. AOL FANHOUSE has the story.

Mark Cuban South Park smaller version

  • ESPN.COM is reporting that Brett Favre has turned his back on $20 million in walking-away-money and is headed to Packers camp. We’ll all be much better off when this finally resolves itself.
  • THE BIG LEAD tries to wrap its head around Paul “The Greatest Player In The World” Pierce’s strange run-in with the cops last night.

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