Finally! A Single Reason To Appreciate David Stern

ODENIZED (via THE SPORTING BLOG) has David Stern riffing on the Blazers telecast last night:

Stern justifiably mocks homer announcers who embarrass themselves (and their teams) every night. He also breaks the news that Greg Oden is actually 11-years-old.

Bad Seat: Behind Georgetown Hoops Announcer

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG has an audio-video sync’d up look at Georgetown radio announcer Rich Chvotkin as he straps on the pom-poms in a Hoya victory over Villanova.

Some of you may know that we were a longtime radio PBP guy for baseball, hockey and basketball, so seeing an announcer so blatantly cheer for the team he broadcasts pains us. But since virtually every play-by-play man in the business is now nothing more than a bought-off mouthpiece for the home team, we’re becoming more and more immune to the behavior.

Be aware that cheerleading is now a prerequisite if you plan to try to brave the industry’s climes.