Yankee Stadium Gives Out Free Food… Sort Of

One of the biggest allures of seeing a baseball game is the food. Sure, all sports’ stadiums sell food of some sort, but only baseball has the deep emotional connection to hot dogs, nachos, and all the other sensory overloaders that come with an evening at the ballpark.

Yankees Hot Dog

So it would seem that the best food - moldy hot dog buns aside - would have to come from Yankee Stadium, right? But how are you going to actually find out without buying a ticket then dropping like $15 on a pretzel or whatever they charge? Well, there is a way to get free food from the game. There’s a tiny, miniscule little catch, though.

You have to be homeless. Read more…

Brewers Fan Loses Bet; Forced to go Homeless

The Milwaukee Brewers’ 83 wins in 2007 was the franchise’s most since 1992. While the season was considered a success by many, the Brew Crew still fell two wins short of the pennant winning Chicago Cubs and more importantly to Chris Jollay, four wins short of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Homeless guy with sign

WUSA9.COM tells the story of Jollay, a 36 year-old Brewers fan who lives in Alexandria, VA, who bet his college friend David Christman, a Phillies fan before the 2007 season. If the Brewers ended the season with more wins, Jollay would get to move in to Christman’s house and get home cooked meals from the Phillie fan’s wife while Christman would have to live in Jollay’s apartment. If the Phillies won more games, Jollay would have to go homeless in Washington D.C. for a week. Read more…