Allen Iverson’s “Friend” Clanks Extortion Attempt

When Allen Iverson first hit the league, the Philadelphia 76ers were deeply concerned about the bad influence AI’s old friends from Hampton and Virginia Beach, VA. Incidents that worried the 76er brain trust included a riot in a Hampton bowling alley, a marijuana possession/concealed weapon charge while in the car with a friend from Hampton, and a lousy rap album. (In that order.)

Allen Iverson golfs

(Gotta protect yourself at all times, AI)

In the end, Iverson pulled out an awfully impressive career. However, the 76ers proved yet again the sun can shine on any King every once in awhile when the “longtime friend” that was in the car for that eventful 1998 vehicle stop tried to extort Iverson earlier this year. And you thought Larry Brown was out to get you, Allen.

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