Hank Aaron: Barry Bonds Can Keep His HR Crown

So much for Bud Selig’s idea about taking back the home run crown that Barry Bonds stole from Hank Aaron two years ago. As soon as the Commish started talking about the idea, Aaron, magnanimously, shot down the idea as a pretty silly idea.

hank aaron
(The Hammer always keeps it classy.)

For the second straight day, the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION got the home run record scoop, with Aaron speaking openly about the mark with Terence Moore. More than anything else, what shines through is just how classy Aaron really is. Given yet another chance to defame Bonds, he took the high road, focusing on what a great player Bonds was, and how he would have been a great player whether he took steroids or not.

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Selig Could Reinstate Aaron As Home Run King

Ol’ Bud Selig just can’t keep up with the steroid scandals. Evidently they’ve been coming too thick & fast for him, since he’s only now dealing with the fallout from Barry Bonds’ ascension into the role of home run king. Selig claims that he fully intends to investigate stripping Bonds of the record and re-instating the previous king, his close personal friend Hank Aaron.

bud selig

The news today comes from the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, which is following up on a story that really got rolling when U.S.A. TODAY’s Christine Brennan made a case for Selig to throw Bonds’ marks out of the record books. To alter baseball’s official records, Selig would have to call on a commissioner’s power to “make decisions in the best interest of baseball,” which is exactly what commissioner Ford Frick used to put an asterisk next to Roger Maris’ single-season home run record.

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Holder of Barry Bonds’ 762nd Home Run Ball Could Make Even More Money With Indictment

BONDS’ 762nd HR BALL COULD BE HIS LAST, WORTH A LOT: With news of Barry Bonds‘ federal indictment, Darren Rovell knows there’s someone who’s going to cash in - the holder of his last home run ball:

Barry Bonds Needles Costume

While Bonds’ charges may cost the slugger millions in fines and years of jail time, the CNBC columnist notes that the 762nd dinger could fetch the highest-ever price for horsehide - even more than the record-breaking #756.Rovell tells the lucky fan, “Congratlations. You are the now the holder of Barry Bonds’ final home run ball.”

The problem is no one knows who he or she is. The Colorado Rockies never identified the spectator who snagged #762 in Coors Field back on September 5th.

Rovell is hoping someone gets in touch with him about the whereabouts of the now-imfamous ball.

Dinger Mascot Rockies

Meanwhile, Denver police are rounding up any suspicious-looking characters that were seen at the park at the time.