Finally, Superstars Back On U.S. TV This Summer

Remember the 1980s pre-reality era must-see show “Superstars”? You know, the one that pitted celebrities against each other in athletic events that were way over their head, after being half-coached, half-prodded and laughed at by professional athletes turned teammates? Well, thanks to a wildly successful British revival of the program last year, ABC has jumped on board to roll out six new episodes this summer, according to VARIETY.

superstars tv show
(Oh Superstars, how we’ve missed you.)

The best part about the new ABC run is its plan to stick to the shows original premise, pitting the celebrities/athletes against each other, not in group-styled teams (think just about every MTV reality show).

There’s no word on which celebrities might take part, but given the current economic climate there’s real potential for terrific theater here. Usain Bolt trying to race a kayak? It could happen. Michael Phelps in a boxing ring? We might even bet on him (after all, he’ll do anything for the cash). Hell, former champions include Bode Miller, Jason Sehorn and Herschel Walker, so you’re probably a lot safer picking a football player, but there’s always a decent shot at an upset when no one knows what the hell they’re doing.

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