Junior Hockey Shock: Three-Way Underage Sex?!

The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL is closely covering the sexploitation trial of former Canadian junior hockey scumbag coach/agent David Frost. Frost is currently in a small-town Ontario court facingĀ  “four sexual-exploitation offences, two of sexually touching the two players himself, directly or indirectly, and two of inviting or inciting the young women to sexual touching.

Mike Danton David Frost

This is the same Frost who once presided over the career of former St. Louis Blues prospect Mike Danton, who became so distraught with Frost’s treatment that he planned Frost’s murder - and is now serving 7+ years in prison for the offense.

The details of the current accusations against Frost are almost beyond belief. The first bombshell came this week from the prosecutor, and her accusation of “three-way sex” involving Frost and his “then-young charges.Read more…