Lawyer: Group Sex “Common” For Hockey Players

A couple of weeks back, Brooks brought us the latest disgusting situation hockey agent/coach David Frost has found himself in. To recap: Frost allegedly directed some of his players (who were teenagers) to participate in group sex with the other players and their girlfriends (who were also underage), all while Frost watched and sometimes participated himself. Not surprisingly, this has led to Frost getting arrested and put on trial.

David Frost

(Pretty easy to see how you could get under his spell, right?)

As the trial came to a close yesterday, the Canadian government (which they call “the Crown” when it comes to court proceedings — how cute) says that Frost had such a psychological hold over his players that they had to ask his permission before having sex with their girlfriends. The players, for what it’s worth, have refused to testify against their “mentor.” And while all of this is fascinating stuff, the key argument of Frost’s defense is a real doozy. Even that crazy lawyer Annie Potts plays on Law & Order wouldn’t try to pull this one off.

If convicted, which punishment does David Frost deserve most?

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