Youk’s Charity Called Out For Ignoring Tax Forms

Say what you will about the Red Sox (and I do), but it’s hard to doubt their commitment to charity. The Jimmy Fund, the Red Sox Wives, the Shade Foundation, Hits For Kids…actually, scratch that last one. In the eyes of the state of Massachusetts, Kevin Youkilis‘ charity isn’t technically a charitable organization, because they “forgot” to register as a nonprofit. Whoops.

Kevin Youkilis and Enza Sambataro

Youk’s Hits For Kids raised more than $1 million last year, and donated more than 80 percent of that to various children’s hospitals and charities. But tell that to Massachusetts Attorney Grinch, I mean General, Martha Coakley, who notified the organization this week that it is violation of state law, and if it’s not rectified soon, those kids are just going to have to find their cancer treatment somewhere else.

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