Week In Review: Michael Irvin, King of Strip Clubs

• Say what you will about Michael Irvin, but he sure knows how to help people have a good time at gentlemen’s clubs.

Michael Irvin

• Tennis commentator Michael Stich comments that the female competitors at Wimbledon are only there to “sell sex“. Why would he think such a scandalous thought?

• Former WWF wrestler Brian Blair shows what Father’s Day means to him by beating up his two sons.

Sean Avery gets a taste of his own sloppy seconds, in the form of Jets QB Mark Sanchez’s supposed girlfriend Hilary Rhoda.

• Popular Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas is shot & killed by a former player - a former player who should have been in police custody at the time.

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Michael Irvin: Generous Guy @ Gentlemen’s Clubs

• Our own Pete Gaines reminisces about the time he & his buddies ended up cavorting at a Chicago strip club with Michael Irvin.

Michael Irvin live nude girls

• The Red Wings have released Chris Chelios, but that doesn’t mean the 47-year-old is ready to hang up his skates just yet.

Sean Avery supposedly gets his own serving of sloppy seconds in the form of Mark Sanchez’s supermodel girlfriend Hilary Rhoda.

• Egypt’s soccer team denies being robbed by hookers, blames the media for distracting them to defeat.

Brock Lesnar thanks God, not steroids, that he’s “built like a black man”, yet doesn’t care too much for President Obama.

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Sean Avery Discovers The Joy Of Sloppy Seconds

New York Ranger Sean Avery is generally known for being an annoying bastard, both on and off the ice. Whether he’s punching goalies in the head, going off on the opposing team’s fans, or talking about former girlfriends, Avery always seems to be in the middle of some controversy. You probably remember when Avery was suspended by the NHL last year for referring to ex-girlfriend and current flame of the Calgary Flames Dion Phaneuf, Elisha Cuthbert, as his “sloppy seconds”.

Sean Avery Hilary Rhoda

Well, as time passes and people grow, they can change.  Looking at somebody with Avery’s history it’s somewhat hard to believe he’s capable of changing, but he is.  Where as he used to be clearly opposed to the idea of sloppy seconds, now it seems he’s warming up to them. Though New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez isn’t likely to be thrilled by this news.

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Week In Review: QB Sanchez Does GQ, Gets Girl

• He hasn’t even thrown a pass yet, but Jets QB Mark Sanchez is already cementing his status as a Big Apple sex symbol with a GQ photo spread:

Mark Sanchez Hilary Rhoda GQ shoot

And Hilary Rhoda, the bikini-clad babe sharing the snapshot spotlight, is also apparently Mark’s new main squeeze.

Tony Kornheiser gives up his “Monday Night Football” gig, so ESPN tabs Jon Gruden as his replacement. It should be fun, considering what the ex-Bucs coach has said in the past about the Worldwide Leader.

• Will recent sex scandals cause Australian rugby to ban its cheerleaders?

• The Pepsi Center double-books a Nuggets-Lakers playoff game & WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” on the same night. Of course, Vince McMahon is going to have lots of fun with this Denver Debacle.

• Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is hoping her boyfriend, Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, will soon race with her to the wedding altar.

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Kim Kardashian Plays Some Football at the Beach

Kim Kardashian tosses the pigskin while showing some skin of her own:

Kim Kardashian beach football

Hilary Rhoda, the marvelous model in Mark Sanchez’s GQ photoshoot, is apparently dating the Jets QB.

• A lawyer who’s previously represented many Denver Broncos players is now defending those responsible in Darrent Williams’ shooting death.

Eric Naposki: From NFL linebacker to murderer of a millionaire.

• NASCAR suspends Carl Long for 12 races & fines his crew chief $200,000 for using an engine that was too big.

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Mark Sanchez, Hilary Rhoda Now Actually an Item?

When it comes to being a rookie quarterback in the NFL, there are always a lot of questions about whether you’re going to make it in the league. For every Peyton Manning that comes a long, there are a hundred Ryan Leafs, so the odds of success are pretty stacked against you. There’s also the pressure of the fact that when you’re drafted in the first round you’re generally seen as a franchise savior.

Of course, being the quarterback also has its advantages. Particularly the fact that good-looking women always want to go out with you. Tom Brady has Gisele Bundchen, Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson, and now even though he hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL, Mark Sanchez has already landed his first supermodel. Earlier this week, we went over Sanchez’s recent photo shoot for GQ with model Hilary Rhoda, and it turns out he got to bring home more than the clothes he wore in the shoot.

Sanchez and Rhoda are now dating.

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Meet Hilary Rhoda - Mark Sanchez’s Photo Friend

• Wondering who that bikini-clad brunette babe is in Mark Sanchez’s GQ photoshoot? Wonder no more - say hello to Hilary Rhoda.

Hilary Rhoda

• The L.A. Clippers win the 1st pick in the NBA lottery. Can’t wait to see how they screw it up this time!

Najeh Davenport won’t take any crap from thieves trying to steal his car.

Joe Montana gets a coaching gig with his son’s high school football team.

• It’s funny when a Mets fan loses a gold tooth in a Citi Field toilet. It’s even funnier when the same fan gets her arm stuck in the same toilet.

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Revealing More About Sanchez’s GQ Shoot Gal Pal

Yesterday, we shared news & pics of New York Jets QB draft pick Mark Sanchez already establishing himself as the second coming of “Broadway Joe” Namath - not because of any remarkable on-field talent, but because of his appearance in a revealing photoshoot for GQ magazine.

Hilary Rhoda Mark Sanchez

Upon seeing such snapshots, many questions spring to mind. How much ribbing is he going to get from his teammates? How much more is he going to get from other team’s fans? Shouldn’t he be spending his offseason studying playbooks instead?

But of course, all these points pale in comparison to the biggest question of them all: Who’s that babe in the bikini with him?

(As a public service, more pics of the mystery gal after the jump.)

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Jets QB Sanchez “Walking Sex” In Hot GQ Spread

Most NFL rookies spend their first offseason as a professional doing things like signing contracts, getting in NFL shape, learning the playbook, and doing everything they can to earn the respect of their coaches and teammates. It’s a busy time, and the choices a rookie makes now help set the stage for either success or failure in their career.

Mark Sanchez GQ

One thing that doesn’t necessarily help the process is getting dressed up like David Hasselhoff in “Baywatch” and prancing around with a sexy supermodel for GQ photographers. Yet that’s exactly what new Jets QB Mark “Walking Sex” Sanchez did, and you can bet his teammates are going to have fun with this. The evidence is yours, after the jump.

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