Cue Daniel Powter: Colorado HS Team Loses 94-1

Every team has a bad day or two over the course of a season. After all, Daniel Powter is still getting plenty of royalties from musical montages on ESPN, so even big name programs have their share of struggles. Most even find themselves blown out at least once, when matching up with a team that just has more talent. Well, Boulder (Colo.) Justice High School’s girls’ basketball team took that altruism to a new extreme in a loss to Greeley’s Frontier Academy, falling 94-1 on Tuesday night.

girls high school basketball cry
(There was an awful lot of this Tuesday night in Colorado.)

Yes, you read that right: 94-1. Justice High scored a single point, on a free throw in the third quarter. They trailed 48-0 at halftime.

“I’ve had 100 points scored on me before, and I think it’s important to respect the game and to respect your opponent,” Frontier Academy coach Nathan Buxman said. “We show the most respect for our opponents by continuing to play hard.”

Respect is one thing, but 94-1? That seems like a hard sell when trying to prove a team is actually “respecting” its opponent. At a certain point, aren’t you better off holding the ball and playing keep away?

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Teen Flips Off HS Basketball Crowd, Gets Arrested

For years, players have had a hard time controlling their emotions when they feel opposing crowds have just been too harsh. Sometimes they protest with vociferous argument. Sometimes they just roll their eyeballs. Occasionally, they take things a step further, and shoot the bird at the home crowd.

Johnny Cash giving the bird

(It’s only cool when Johnny Cash does it)

Well, a New Jersey teenager got in on the act when she couldn’t hold back her emotion during a high school basketball game on Wednesday, charging on to the court to flip off the hosting school’s crowd … promptly earning herself an arrest for the on-court adventure.

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Canadian H.S. Cheerleaders Are Better Than Ours

What is with all these cheerleaders getting in trouble lately?  It’s as though everyday there’s a story about a cheerleader doing something wrong.   Yesterday there was Caitlin Davis getting kicked off the New England Patriots squad for drawing penises and swastikas all over her passed out friend — well, now she says that was his “costume” — and up in Canada the cheerleaders are having too much fun.

South Delta Cheerleaders Streaking

A group of cheerleaders from South Delta Secondary shocked the world when they came out to perform in nothing but “bootie shorts and strategically placed tape and paint” at their teams game against Lord Tweedsmuir — Lord Tweesmuir!?  You know those kids get their ass kicked every day. — and the school wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

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