Football Star Busted For Forgery By An Apple

We’re not sure, but something tells us that felony forgery is probably out of the league of a high school football player. Some people may be able to pull it off, but an 18-year-old whose easily distracted by tapping pencils and actually believes the claims in AXE body spray commercials probably isn’t one of them.

(More successful at preventing forgery than your average Utah cop.)

That’s why Salt Lake City high schooler Bo Ryker Jensen — rule No. 2: Don’t try forgery if your name only has two letters — is in some serious hot water. According to Layton (Utah) police in a report on the website for Salt Lake City station TV station KSL, Jensen was caught trying to buy a single apple at an Albertson’s with a $20, which, even for a grocery store clerk, is enough to make them suspicious.

Now the football and baseball star is being charged with felony forgery, with some $200 worth of bills already recovered from a ring he had set up; another teen was arrested earlier in the week for trying to pass on $90 of Jensen’s money for an amplifier at a music store.

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Georgia HS Ump Hit By Pitch After Catcher Ducks

WALKOFF WALK tosses along this intriguing story about an umpire who took a pitch to the grill during a high school baseball game.

high school umpire hit by pitch after catcher ducks

What’s unusual is that the ump may have been plunked on purpose.

(Video of the high school hit after the jump.)

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