Swine Flu Threatening NYC HS Baseball Schedule

Swine flu is all the rage these days, as you can’t turn on the news without hearing of the latest diagnosed case in the United States or in other parts of the world. To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure what swine flu is exactly because I don’t really care. I don’t work with pigs, and I live inside a plastic bubble like John Travolta did in that one movie, so I’m not exactly worried.

(”Touch me. I dare you.”)

Still, there are the rest of you people who don’t live in a bubble — I call you “world walkers” — who may be susceptible to the disease. Sucks for you. It also sucks for students at St. Francis Prep in New York, where an outbreak occurred amongst the schools’ students last week. Everybody is fine and the school has undergone a pretty intense cleaning, but although the school is scheduled to reopen this week, that doesn’t mean anybody wants to play their baseball team.

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Baseball Teams Play Game Using Ancient Gloves

One thing that we often forget when comparing the old days of baseball with the modern era is how much the basic equipment has changed over the years. I mean, if you’re playing third base and somebody hits a screamer right at you, would you want to be wearing this?

old baseball glove

Two baseball teams in California got that opportunity, though, when their coaches put together a game in which they played exclusively with vintage equipment, including old wooden bats and gloves that looked more weathered than Mickey Rourke. At first glance it might have appeared that the economy was really taking its toll on high school sports.

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Georgia HS Ump Hit By Pitch After Catcher Ducks

WALKOFF WALK tosses along this intriguing story about an umpire who took a pitch to the grill during a high school baseball game.

high school umpire hit by pitch after catcher ducks

What’s unusual is that the ump may have been plunked on purpose.

(Video of the high school hit after the jump.)

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