Stacy Johnson-Klein Once Again Happily Employed

• It’s good to see Stacy Johnson-Klein find employment once again.

Stacy Johnson Klein point

Then again, it’s always good to see Stacy Johnson-Klein, period.

Brady Quinn is not gay, so don’t go cruising online for him.

Mike Tyson to fight in Spain? Sounds like a lot of bull to us.

• After losing a baseball bet, one Brewers fan went homeless for a week.

Hideo Nomo says no mo’ major league baseball for him.

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Pioneering Pan-Pacific Pitcher Nomo Says No Mo’

Hideo Nomo is saying sayonara to the summer game, as one of the first Japanese stars of Major League Baseball has announced his retirement.

Hideo Nomo Royals

ESPN hears from Nomo’s agent Don Nomura that his client finally called it quits on Thursday, as the 39-year-old hurler has been teamless since the Kansas City Royals cut him last April.

Guys like Ichiro, Dice-K and Hideki Matsui all have Nomo to thank for their successful (and profitable) careers in America, since Hideo helped pave the way for Japanese players to compete in the States. Read more…