Was A-Rod Using Steroids During High School?

You probably remember that a few months back the story broke out that Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez had used steroids while playing with the Texas Rangers. The story was broken by Selena Roberts, who was writing a book about A-Rod. Rodriguez handled the story pretty well, claiming that Roberts was stalking him and hiding in his bushes while making everything up. He would then go on to admit that he used steroids while playing with the Rangers to help live up to the pressure and expectations of his huge contract there.

Alex Rodriguez

Well, in the least shocking development of all time, it turns out that Rodriguez may have been lying about only using steroids while in Texas. Roberts’ book is out on May 12th, and in it there’s word that Rodriguez’s steroid use started way before he joined the Rangers, and even before he started playing with the Seattle Mariners. It seems A-Rod was looking for an advantage over his dodgeball opponents in high school as well.

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Is NBA Getting A Free Pass On Steroids And HGH?

Baseball players are vilified for using performance-enhancing drugs. Football players are at least lightly admonished. But the NBA has thus far escaped all scrutiny associated with PEDs. But why? Aren’t NBA players ballooning in size the way baseball and football players have over the last two decades?

Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard

(Portrait of a dominant power forward, taken 25 years apart)

Could you imagine teams from the ’70s and even the ’80s trying to compete athletically and physically with the players of today? Are we supposed to believe that this is just a natural progression of athletic ability and the result of nothing but hard work? We were fooled into thinking that was the case in baseball, when we chalked up the achievements of guys like McGwire and Sosa to dedication and time in the weight room. Some aren’t ready to give the NBA a free pass in all of this.

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Did Steelers Blood Dope Before The Super Bowl?

A currently unregulated medical procedure done by a handful of athletes is being put under a little scrutiny. It’s a procedure that does exactly what Human Growth Hormone allegedly has done for MLB stars: it dramatically speeds up recovery from injury. And it’s a procedure that two Pittsburgh Steelers in particular apparently did two weeks before the Super Bowl.

hines ward steelers media day super bowl

(Hines Ward at the Super Bowl: Brought to you by PPT.)

According to a story in THE NEW YORK TIMES by Alan Schwarz, Steelers stars Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu both used a controversial procedure called Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy before last month’s Big Game. What does PPT do, you ask? Well, when the platelet-rich blood is re-injected into an injured region of the player’s body, it speeds up the healing process and, in some cases, may even allow them to avoid surgery.

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Radomski Finds The Receipts For Rocket’s HGH?

In the latest chapter of “As The Rocket Implodes”, we turn to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, whose investigative team has never met an accused user it didn’t like to take chunks out of. Now, it appears that Kirk Radomski, as part of his plea deal with the federal government, is squealing about his alleged dealings with Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens

The report cites sources saying Radomski found shipping receipts for shipments of HGH sent to Clemens’ Texas home, in the care of Brian McNamee.

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USADA Begins Blood Testing For Olympic Athletes

With many of the Olympic sports we watch every four years on the TV under scrutiny thanks to Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin, and many others, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has introduced blood testing for doping at the Olympic trials for track and field this weekend and will use them for swimmers next week as well, reports the TAMPA TRIBUNE.

Olympic track trials

Essentially, the agency is trying to catch users of HGH or anything that would enhance oxygen transfer. The article cites blood transfusions and “synthetic hemoglobin” as two of the particular methods that could be detected by the blood test but aren’t through the usual urinalysis.

The top three finishers in each trial will get the testing treatment. Given that the recent tests for EPO aren’t worth a thing, we’ll all just sit and watch with subconscious thoughts of who’s on what designer drug anyway, regardless of what barriers USADA tries to put in place.

Wrestler Forgets To Pack Up HGH On Moving Day

The family that recently moved into a home they just purchased from a currently unnamed WWE wrestler just outside Atlanta found a special accidental housewarming gift from the wrestler when rummaging around the attic last weekend: a box filled with HGH, testosterone, neomasteron, and enough syringes to open their own home health clinic.

Drugs found in WWE wrestler's former home

Also found in the hidden box happened to be personal papers for the previous master of the house, including a WWE contract and a dress code memo for WWE superstars. (”Sequins shall cover no less than 20% and no more than 60% of your tights.”)

And that’s why it’s important to have a moving checklist.

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ARod’s Admiration For Andy A Little Over The Top

We used to broadcast the games for the Yankees’ AAA team in Columbus (OH). During that time we met Andy Pettitte a couple times either on rehab stints or at Spring Training.

Andy Pettitte

Thanks to a few too many late night drinking binges in places like Toledo and Scranton, we’ve erased most of those days from our memory bank. But we do remember our brushes with Pettitte. Read more…

Pettitte, Gagne, LoDuca All Kickin’ It With Mitch

Andy Pettitte, Paul LoDuca and Eric Gagne bailed out MSM outlets looking for copy fill today, as all three addressed the media over issues initially wrought by the Mitchell Report.

Media At Spring Training

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Andy Pettitte’s HGH Probe Just Joined Club Jenna

After last week’s report on Andy Pettitte using his dad to pick up his shipments of human growth hormone, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS digs deeper and finds out that the Yankee hurler’s childhood friend, Kelly Blair, is the one whom Tom Pettitte got his son’s HGH from.

Jenna Jameson Preying Mantis Lingerie Bowl

More interesting though is how Pettittie’s sordid HGH acquisition story somehow involves Jenna Jameson, albeit indirectly.

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Jorge Posada Believes Roger Clemens. Seriously.

In what I have to assume is a terrible attempt at sarcasm, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has gone on the record saying that despite the hearings last week where Roger Clemens revealed he didn’t know what a vegan was, he completely believes that Clemens didn’t take HGH or steroids.

Posada Clemens

Posada told the DAILY NEWS, “I support him; he said he never took it and I’m behind him 100%.” Wow. It’s almost as if Posada didn’t even watch the hearings. Oh, that’s right. He didn’t. Read more…