School Sued For Wrestling Team Herpes Outbreak

Seventy percent of wrestlers on York College’s wrestling team contracted herpes. Rather than being able to tout themselves as a party school, the school is being sued by three of the wrestlers for failing to take the proper precautions to stop the outbreak.


This is the lede in the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS: “Inside the humid confines of college wrestling practice, grapplers spend hours banging heads, grinding faces into the mat and contorting into uncomfortable positions. They spill a little blood and leave puddles of sweat.” Yup, this reads like a herpes story to me.

But this is no laughing matter (Alright, maybe a little). Rather than follow the NCAA guidelines of sitting infected wrestlers until they can be treated, York allegedly threw three of them back on the mat to infect the rest of their team. Those three have quite the lawsuit on their hands.

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Report: Jessica Alba Got Herpes From Derek Jeter

WE’VE JUST FOUND OUR FAVORITE NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS: We’re relieved to know LARRY BROWN SPORTS listens to Adam Carolla so we don’t have to - and look what LB got out of that early morning experience today:

Jessica Alba Herpes Derek Jeter

I was listening to The Adam Carolla Show this morning and heard a report that I just had to blog. Not sure how kosher it is, because it is a report coming from a gossip site called L.A. Rag Mag. Anyways, the Rag Mag is saying that Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes.

Kobe Bryant Divorce

“L.A. RAG MAG”? Sounds almost as credible as MEDIATAKEOUT, eh?