Forget Couture - MMA Now Has A Real Superhero

Last weekend’s MMA fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar was pitted as a bout between good and evil, with Couture playing the role of G.I. Joe and Lesnar aptly playing the villain (hey, it’s easy to be a villain when you have a penis tattoo). The whole metaphor collapsed meekly when Lesnar dropped Couture because hey, who really wants to root for a villain? Or who wants to root for a villain outside of the Bronx? Well, now MMA has a real hero, as Croatian UFC star Goran Reljic woke up to a car crash and immediately saved the lives of two men who had crashed into icy water.


(Goran Reljic: Undefeated lifesaver)

Yup, it’s a true story, as first reported in FANHOUSE via a translation of Croatian newspaper SLOBODNA DALMACIJA. It turns out that Reljic was in bed when the crash occurred, jumped out of his seaside home — while still wearing his underwear, mind you — and swam to the car, where he broke the car’s passenger window with a punch and pulled the driver and swam to safety.

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Brian Bosworth Helps To Rescue Trapped Woman

Former Oklahoma University and Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth made one of the biggest plays of his life Saturday in Canada. It didn’t have anything to do with football, but as MDS at Fanhouse points out The Boz is a hero.

Brian Bosworth Helps Rescue Woman After Car Accident

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