Jax Reporter On Monday: Mariucci On SC Campus

Michael C. Wright of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION was first to report last night that Jack Del Rio was going to turn down an offer to coach USC. He was also first today to confirm that fact.

Steve Mariucci Spotted On USC Campus Yesterday

(Wright had Mariucci in USC mix on Monday)

Additionally, Wright was first to connect Steve Mariucci to the USC job, reporting on Monday: “I’m hearing a report about a Steve Mariucci sighting on USC’s campus. Interesting.Read more…

LA Daily News: Pete Carroll Resigns As USC Coach

Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS, who Friday was the first to report that Pete Carroll had accepted the head coaching job with the Seahawks, is first with the news Sunday that Carroll has resigned his position as USC coach. USCFootball.com follows up by reporting that Carroll handed in his resignation tonight.

LA Daily News breaks that Pete Carroll has resigned


Two USC administration sources told me today that Carroll actually resigned last night over concerns that a delay in finalizing his new job in Seattle was wrecking USC’s recruiting class. (Which it was.)

So now what is USC looking at? Don’t ask.
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Herm Gets The Hook; Edwards Out As KC Coach

We figured it wouldn’t be a matter of “if”, but “when”. And the “when” turned out to be today. The Kansas City Chiefs have fired Herm Edwards.

(”Did they have to announce my dismissal on the scoreboard?“)

Adam Teicher of the KC STAR reports that Herm has been given his walking papers on Friday, thus following the footsteps of so many fellow ex-Jets coaches who get jettisoned from their jobs.

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Chiefs Go For 2 and the Win, Get 0 and a Loss

Kansas City is not going to the playoffs. They’re unquestionably one of the worst teams in the NFL over the past 10 years. They’re on a third-string, 7th-round rookie QB and haven’t had the service of elite RB/lady puncher Larry Johnson in about a month. They suck.

Herm Edwards Laughing
(Like we’d use any other picture.)

And yet there they were, taking San Diego to the wire today. The Chiefs led 13-6 at the half, but gave a point away when a bad snap screwed up their extra point. That’ll come up later. Philip Rivers threw 2 TDs in the second half to give the Chargers a 20-13 lead, but Kansas City fought back and scored a dramatic touchdown with under half a minute to go. All they would need is an extra point to tie the game up and take this thing into overtime.

But Kansas City had other plans, and they all involved epic fail. Read more…

Belichick Among Most Loved, Hated NFL Coaches

In a player survey, 80 percent of NFL players were polled as to which coaches they’d most, and least, want to play for. It’s actually a fascinating look at how players balance their desire to win with their desire to play for a nice guy, two things that are often mutually incompatible. And Bill Belichick, probably the best illustration of that, got some interesting responses.

Bill Belichick

The last two Super Bowl winners ended up at opposite ends of the list. Tony Dungy, unsurprisingly, was named the most desirable head coach - his father-figure-like manner, and on-the-field success made him a clear number one. Hardass Tom Coughlin was the coach players least wanted to play for. The poll was conducted during last season, before the Giants’ championship, so those 53 players with rings are probably pretty glad they sucked it up. Plaxico Burress could not be reached for comment.

And what about Belichick, an a**hole who always wins?

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Stop the Presses: Athletes Just Say No To Drugs

Herm Edwards may be a lousy football coach, but he’s a great life coach. Five Chiefs players took in a special NBA preseason game in Kansas City and, according to a fan sitting next to them, turned down the offer to enjoy some “bye week bong hits.”

Herm Edwards Laughing

(Herm’s 1-4, but feeling no pain)

Larry Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Bernard Pollard, Kolby Smith and Turk McBride had $200 courtside seats to the Hawks/Trail Blazers exhibition at the Sprint Center Friday night, and apparently had the chance to blaze more than a trail, according to HERM EDWARDS SUPPORT GROUP, a blog with a tasteful URL that I’m shocked Blogspot allows. (Surprising lack of Ricky Williams jokes after the jump.)

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Patriots Taped Herm Edwards Wrist Oscillations

The ongoing cavalcade of “gotcha!” Patriots stories are pushing forth into the off-season, with the latest revelation from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS that four years ago Herm Edwards and Donnie Henderson, then with the Jets, waved at a camera they knew to be recording their sideline by the Patriots.

Herman Edwards wave jets

(Woooooo! Who loves ya, camera?)

Did you read? How are you still sitting down? If you’re standing up, how have your eyes not been sucked from their sockets? Have the five lobes of your collapsed on one another? Mine hav…ughhhscksck

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