Jose Calderon Is Quite The Connoisseur Of Ham

Toronto’s Spanish-born point guard, Jose Calderon, is a very good shooter, whether it be from the free throw stripe, the field, or behind the arc. I know that because I had him on my fantasy basketball team one season. I think I dropped, like, Rasho Nesterovic for him. He is also part owner of a hog farm in Spain, which is something I did not learn from fantasy basketball. How would you even quantify that? “Hog farms owned” is not a useful basketball stat.

Bacon Calderon
(”As point guard, I demand that all our play calls are pork-based! Deal with it!”)

In an interview with HOOP MAGAZINE, Calderon is quick to point out that he’s not a hog farmer, per se; he’s one of several people who owns the farm and uses it to make Spanish ham, or pata negra, which Calderon says is the world’s best ham. And what makes it the world’s best? Calderon says it’s the diet, which is surprisingly not a euphemism for “choking the pig out with massive amounts of hormones.” Read more…