A Most Unfortunate Headline For Red Wings Fans

If you are a Detroit Red Wings fan, this is not funny. If you like any of the other 29 teams in the NHL, this is uproariously funny.

Detroit Red Wings Are Not Straight

Yes, if we’re reading that headline from ESPN.COM correctly, Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg (above), um, “have an announcement to make.” Hell of a breakthrough story, if you ask us.

Of course, if Lidstrom and Zetterberg really are hairstylists for each other, that would be especially shocking news to Zetterberg’s girlfriend Emma Andersson, whom we are contractually obligated to post after the break.

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Fake Security Guard Steals Child’s Hockey Stick

With apologies to Keith Olbermann: we have found the worst person in the world, and they live in Chicago. It’s not easy to ruin the very special Winter Classic, especially for a Detroit fan, but it happened to a 14-year-old boy when someone claiming to work at Wrigley Field walked off with the boy’s once-in-a-lifetime souvenir.

Kalan Plew

(Artist’s depiction of the victimized child.)

Kalan Plew rushed rinkside to see his Red Wings leave the ice after the game, and maybe even get a high-five. But he caught Henrik Zetterberg’s eye, and the Wings winger gave him his stick. As the boy sprinted to show his father, someone dressed as a security guard told the boy he couldn’t have the stick in the stadium, and he could pick it up at the customer relations office. You can guess what happens next: the man just walks off with the stick, which is probably on eBay as we speak.

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Stanley Cup’s Trip To Sweden Is A Blessed Event

With seven Swedes on the champion Red Wings’ roster, it was inevitable that the Stanley Cup would be taking a trip to the Scandinavian country this summer. And the trophy’s tour started off with a blessed event - a baptism.

Tomas Holmstrom Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup

The CBC reports that Tomas Holmstrom was the first Swedish Wing to get to spend time with Lord Stanley’s silverware, and the forward decided to use his day with the Cup by helping out with a friend’s special occasion: Read more…

Zetterberg Wins Conn Smythe, Has Hot Girlfriend

Henrik Zetterberg is living it up these days. Not only did he help Detroit win the Stanley Cup Wednesday night, the Red Wings forward also got to hoist some other hockey hardware, as he was presented with the Conn Smythe trophy as the NHL playoffs MVP.

Henrik Zetterberg Emma Andersson

Best of all for Henrik is who he gets to bring it hard-earned awards home to - girlfriend Emma Andersson.

Emma is apparently a big pop star in Sweden (here’s a sampling of her vocal talents - in English, even!) And after viewing these shots, we can see how she could make them go ga-ga from Stockholm to Goteborg:

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