IL Minor League Fans Eat Up ‘Copter Candy Drop

Over the years, minor league teams have tried just about everything to get butts into their ballparks. Fake Tim Tebows, nun massages, Mike Vick doggy toys, you name it - a minor league team will give away anything in order to gain some publicity and sell some tickets. It’s not all Mike Veeck’s fault, but the minor league mogul has been behind some of the more out-there promotions over the years at the St. Paul Saints and other, even more obscure teams.

Black Helicopter

(It’s a conspiracy!)

But at least two minor league baseball teams are discovering that a team doesn’t have to push the boundaries of sanity, good taste, and intellectual property to get people excited about a promotion. Americans, as it turns out, are a simple folk, motivated by the chance to see hundred-year-old technology and, of course, candy.

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Neuheisel Calls Up the Chopper For Recruiting Call

The Rick Neuheisel era at UCLA is off to a pretty good start, as the Bruins are 1-0 after beating the Tennessee Vols last week at the Rose Bowl. A win like that is bound to impress some recruits and, along with those full page ads, maybe steal some thunder away from cross-town rival USC.

Still, these days winning football games just isn’t enough to woo potential suitors. USC wins a lot of games, and they have the Song Girls to boot, so if you’re going to win them over you have to take your recruiting to the next level. For Neuheisel, that level is the skies.

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