Hedo Turkoglu: New Raptor, New Rapper (Video)

One of my small indulgences over the years has been rap in languages that I don’t have a damned prayer of understanding. Case in point, “Saker Och Ting” by Petter. He sure sounds angry, but for all I know, he’s rapping about bunny rabbits, rainbows, and smiling. You foreign people with your moonman words!

(This is not an unrelated picture. It’s actually TurkCell’s logo. I don’t know why.)

Now we’ve got an unlikely entrant into the genre, though. Hedo Turkoglu, fresh off his free-agency payday with the Toronto Raptors, decided to cut a commercial for TurkCell, the leading cell phone company in his native Turkey. It’s, uh… it’s interesting.

(Video after the jump.)

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