Golfer On His Third Heart Playing PGA Tour Event

There aren’t many occasions where you’d have the inclination to utter the phrase “wow, that is one tough golfer,” but Erik Compton is giving us a few reasons to do just that. Compton looks like a pretty average guy, but the fact that he’s playing in the PGA’s Honda Classic this week is downright miraculous.

Erik Compton

You see, the 29-year-old Compton is on his third heart. Yeah, third. He had his first heart transplant when he was 12. He then had a major heart attack in 2007, but was able to drive himself to the hospital. That’s right, he drove himself to the hospital after experiencing a major heart attack. After another transplant last May he’s back in the game. And while he’ll never be able to hit the ball like he used to, he wants to show the world that transplant recipients can still do the things the rest of us can.

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School Donates $15,000 For Rival Cheerleader’s Heart Transplant

RIVAL SCHOOL SHOWS HEART IN HELPING CHEERLEADER: When is a football defeat not such a big deal? When your opponent helps out one of your hospitalized cheerleaders:

Savana Coffman cheerleader heart transplant

The WILMINGTON (OH) NEWS-JOURNAL reports that Coldwater defeated Clinton-Massie 63-14 in Ohio high school playoff action. But before the game, Coldwater showed their warm hearts, as the Cavaliers presented a $15,000 check to the family of Savana Coffman.The 15-year-old Clinton-Massie cheerleader has been in the hospital since November 14, when she underwent a heart transplant. Learning that Savana’s family had no insurance, Coldwater students helped raise thousands of dollars to pay for her medical expenses.

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER adds that Savana’s mother, Tabby, also received the same transplant over a dozen years ago.

With this show of generosity, hearts are beating strong for mother, daughter, and the Coldwater community.

To learn more about Savana’s condition or to donate, visit her Savana Smiles website.